So, what is marketing like on LinkedIn? It’s one of the more formal social media platforms, designed business-oriented to promote your skills and career interests. On LinkedIn, employees can look for potential workplaces, and employers can find those people, as well as customers and new partners.

LinkedIn is all about professionalism, you want to have a solid profile to make a good impression on others who could be looking at your page from a business perspective. Developing the perfect marketing strategy can take some time, so here are a few tips to boost you on your way!

1) Never oversell

Promoting your business excessively on other platforms is somewhat tolerated, as you’ll always reach different people each time – and they are less likely to be bothered by ads. On LinkedIn however, generally this method is opposed and you might lose more than you gain.

2) Target a small range of customers

Try aiming for your specific audience – smaller business owners will thrive from this. If you set a large, general group that more people see; fewer people will care. If you are a consultant for instance, talking about consultancy for all sectors and industries will get a luke warm reception, with many people just ignoring the post.  Focussing your post towards a specific industry, mentioning what you can do for them and people like them, in that industry, will get much more traction.

The audience will be smaller, but the engagement will be much higher.

3) Post high-quality content

This one might seem obvious, but many people often get it wrong. “Good” content should be informative – this is especially important on an app like LinkedIn. Ideally, each post should be solving a problem, or how to improve on something in your relative job industry. Doing this can make you a good source for people to get insights, and therefore bring in more followers and interactions on your profile. LinkedIn likes these type of educational pages, and promotes the ones who show authority in their content!

4) Letting your employees be known

Not everything is about promoting! One good way to let your business connect with more people is to have a team photo on your page, mentioning everyone in the picture. Others will then recognise the mentions, and if they engage with the post, their group also sees it – and so the cycle continues. Remember, people want to see roles connected to faces, which in turn gives a nice friendly outlook on the business.

5) Join some groups

Similarly to Facebook, LinkedIn has a groups feature. Now, don’t just go joining a bunch of recommended groups, only join the ones which are relevant to your target industry. This can help you understand the way each business within the group does its operations, which you can use to adapt and improve on your own company. Again, this can help greatly in developing relationships with clients and potential partner businesses.

6) Make your page stand out

If your organisation has a combination of colours throughout the website, it’s best to keep the same theme across all social platforms. This keeps things consistent and gives a digital presence that people will recognise over time. Imagery should be stylish but consistent, with a small branded logo somewhere in a corner. Speaking of consistency, try to aim for posting once every other day to help get stuck in people’s mind.

7) Experiment with times

Whether you’re posting, promoting, advertising something, or even chatting with others – always keep an eye on the time. Using insights can help you know which times are prime for interactivity, so you can always post to get the maximum engagement possible.

8) Claim a custom URL

This is a fairly important task to do. When you’re claiming your URL, make sure it has your business name in it. This allows for Google search results to put you much higher up in the rankings for your industry, including queries that you might not have shown up in before. It also makes your LinkedIn URL much shorter, and will look neater if promoting it elsewhere.

9) Use sponsored updates

Businesses can pay to post onto someone’s LinkedIn main feed. This will show an ad or featured image to relative people. Similar to other social platforms, the algorithm is mainly based on age, gender, location and interests. Similar to tip #1, never post anything which is pure advertising. Always try to include an informative quote or maybe an engaging image. Of course this method is paid for, but can greatly increase profile interaction and even generate potential customers and sales leads.

10) Use an email marketing list

Growing your email list is important to get more clicks and sales on your website. Using LinkedIn’s message feature is the perfect way to add more people to the list. Unfortunately, you can only message up to 50 people at a given time, and most of those will likely ignore your message. However, don’t give up hope as if even 5 of the 50 people sign up to your email list, that’s 5 more than before – and those people have a chance of forwarding or sharing the email to others. Always be sure to make it engaging and when messaging users, tell them what benefits they can receive by signing up.

Hopefully these tips helped you understand how to use LinkedIn for business a bit better than before, and if you gained any more profile traction from this, feel free to let us know!

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