Animation has a long history. It started as a costly, time-consuming, and demanding method of marketing. However, it has now become a digital and cost-effective marketing tool. Nowadays, anyone, even those with no prior experience, can create an animation video.

Similar to how audio and video have changed how we consume media. Marketing groups worldwide have embraced video marketing, particularly in the wake of the epidemic. This resulted in consumers watching twice as many internet videos as they did in 2018.

And to top it all off, according to recent Cisco research, video content accounts for almost 82% of all internet traffic.

These figures show that using video content and animation to increase engagement is highly effective. Popular brands choose animated films over all other forms of advertising because they instantly engage audiences.

Let’s now look at five animated marketing videos from well-known companies that have gained a lot of international exposure.

Starbucks Animated Explainer Video

 If you enjoy coffee, you’re familiar with Starbucks. Their intelligent “Why does Starbucks Blend Coffee?” marketing emphasises an idea-centric strategy. The animation brings to life the brand’s commitment to sustainability, showcasing the efforts to support coffee farmers and minimise environmental impact. It describes how the coffee mix functions and how new coffee flavours have been created through blending experimentation.

For this movie, Starbucks chose a straightforward 2D animation approach, and a fantastic voice actor explains the purpose of the video. In conclusion, whether you’re a coffee enthusiast or simply curious about the Starbucks brand, this animated explainer video is a delightful and informative introduction to the world of Starbucks.

McDonald’s – Inner Child

 This endearing 3D animation was produced by McDonald’s for their 2020 holiday commercial. This story shows a mother and son in the lead-up to Christmas. Even though his mother makes every effort to encourage him to participate, the son is having difficulty letting his inner kid enjoy the Christmas activities. Tom left out carrots for the reindeer, so dinner from the McDonald’s drive-through brought the pair together.

This emotional promotional animation received much media attention and social media shares. Making a passionate promotional video with a compelling plot is a terrific approach to raising awareness of the brand and constantly reminding people that you exist.

Aldi Christmas Launch Advert 2021

Aldi took their promotional efforts further by creating a captivating and heartwarming film featuring the character “Ebanana Scrooge,” a playful parody of Charles Dickens’s beloved Christmas tale, “A Christmas Carol.”

In this story, Kevin the carrot and an apology-seeking Christmas pudding join in the festivities and teach Ebanana the value of Christmas. In addition to informing viewers that Aldi is the place to shop for their Christmas dinner, Aldi is using this promotional video to generate money for the Barnardos charity. By combining storytelling, charity involvement, and the spirit of Christmas, Aldi successfully created a promotional video that resonates with viewers, inspiring them to choose Aldi for their Christmas shopping while supporting a charitable cause.

Heinz New Baked Beans

The path of one character who works at the Heinz bean factory is shown in this video. Depending on the stage of his life, he prepares different bean tin sizes. This is whether it’s to share with his lover, give to a baby, or let his adolescents make a toast!

One of this video’s standout features is its remarkable level of craftsmanship in its animation. The visuals are rendered in high-quality 3D animation, reminiscent of the artistry seen in Disney or Pixar productions. The attention to detail, fluid character movements, and vibrant colours make the video visually stunning and appealing. In addition, the animation brings the story to life, immersing viewers in a world that feels both familiar and enchanting.

Samsung Knox Animated Campaign

Ever watched a lengthy explanation film for a single minor product feature? Knox, a proprietary programme pre-installed on Samsung handsets, helped Samsung achieve this. Through a narrated storyline, viewers are taken on a journey that highlights the practicality and versatility of the Knox app in real-life situations.

The Knox explainer video created for Samsung showcases the power of effective storytelling and visually engaging animation. Despite being a lengthy explanation of a seemingly minor product feature, the video captivates viewers from start to finish. The 2D animation used in this film has a lovely and understated colour scheme. A person must pause and watch the video since it was masterfully crafted.

Do You Need An Animated Video For Your Marketing Strategy?

Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video, compared to just 10% when reading it in text. This explains why animated explainer videos are so popular! 59% of marketers now use animated explainer videos to sell their products and services.

Therefore, if you want your audience to absorb the information then using animated videos will work for your marketing strategy. Not sure how to do it?

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