Have an easy-to-use WordPress website that you don’t know how to use?

Believe it or not, this is really common! Often, a web designer will create a WordPress website for you knowing that updating it and looking after the website is easy… Compared to other systems.

This doesn’t mean that it is really simple. Just easier than it used to be when building in code!

Being left alone to figure things out isn’t always a bad thing. I’m sure no one taught you how to use your Facebook page, but, when you make a mistake on your website, it can affect your business! This isn’t usually something that people are comfortable changing without first knowing what they are doing.

But, how can you be comfortable knowing what you are doing if you don’t want to do anything for fear of breaking it? This is where some bespoke WordPress training really comes in handy!

WordPress is a robust system that allows mistakes to be made and rectified easily, along with a relatively simple interface to create and edit pages, blog posts, menus, portfolios and more.

Learning WordPress with an expert

Sitting with a WordPress expert whilst you learn how to update your own site and the unique aspects of your site can be an invaluable experience and help you learn more about your site in three hours than you could in a month of learning on your own!

If you need a generic WordPress training session or blog post help, you can always take a look at the official WordPress.org support pages which offer lots of help to create the basics of WordPress

So what kind of things will you learn with a bespoke WordPress training session? Take a look underneath as we will explore some of the different aspects that will be covered.

1) Creating and updating pages and posts

Need to add some text or an image? Seen a spelling mistake that needs fixing ASAP? Looking to add a new blog post? These changes are the fundamental areas that you will be wanting to concentrate on primarily. Most WordPress websites come bundled with a content and layout editor that initially is not user friendly, but with a little training, you will be able to understand why it is the way it is, what you are able to do and the ease with which you can make the changes you need.

The editors that are most common are:

  • Gutenberg editor
  • Visual Composer
  • Elementor
  • Fusion builder

These are all designed to do the same thing essentially, but with a little different layout and set-up.  Not a problem though, we can show you how to use it in a WordPress training session and you will be flying in no time.

2) Add functionality – such as a shop!

Additional functionality is one of the biggest selling points for WordPress. ‘Additional functionality’ is known as ‘plugins’ in the WordPress world. The WordPress plugin library offers thousands of free or very low-cost plugins which can transform what you can do on the site.

Want to add products and sell your items?
There is a plugin for that!

Need an appointment booking calendar?
There is a plugin for that too!

Want people to leave a message through the site on a contact form?
There is a plugin for that as well!

We will show you how to find the right plugin for the functionality that you need, what you should look for in a plugin, how to know it will be safe and how to use the new features once they are installed.

Often a plugin will be the main area of editing (such as an e-commerce plugin, or event manager). Full training is given on the most important aspects of your site, so these will be covered extensively.

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3) Adding and editing menus

An area that confuses many people is the menu system in WordPress. Creating new pages and posts doesn’t automatically create a link in the menu. Lots of sites have multiple pages for privacy policies, cookie notices, terms and conditions, delivery options, etc.  Imagine if all of these were automatically sent to the top navigation bar!  It would be chaos.

The menu is a separate entity from the pages and needs to be set up and assigned to the correct place on the website, dictated by the theme options. We can show you how to do this, where the menus can be placed and any other options that are available!

4) Theme options

A theme is the cladding of your WordPress website. If WordPress was the framework or scaffolding, the theme would be the pretty cladding that goes on top and controls the look and feel of the website.

The bespoke-ness of each WordPress website is often a result of the theme and the different options and variations available. Many people often come unstuck when it comes to theme options. We help you understand the relationship between the theme and the areas that they control.

Each theme is different, but with enough experience, we (as WordPress developers) understand the commonality between different themes and can work out how each theme works and functions to a level that we are happy to show you how to use it.

This is a major area that sets our training apart from the more generic WordPress training. A training session containing 20 people online is likely to have 20 different websites with 20 different themes.

It would be impossible to teach everyone the ins and outs of all of the different themes. With our bespoke training session, we can concentrate wholly on the configuration of your website and theme choice.

5) Backups and updates

Every WordPress website will need three areas updating on a regular basis – WordPress itself, Plugins and Themes. These updates (similar to phone app updates) are for security and functionality updates.

Not updating these will lead to your site being hacked and potentially deleted. However, updating these can cause conflicts between new coding. It is unlikely, but it happens!

The answer is to create a backup so that you can restore the site to a ‘safe’ version in the unlikely event something goes wrong.

But how? Well, we can show you how to backup and update the different components of your site safely.

If you update the site 100 times and something goes wrong only once, you will know that the time taken to back up those 100 times was worth it for that one time there was a code conflict. Our training will show you how to backup your site, and restore it if something goes wrong!! What to do if something does go wrong and the best way to prevent it from happening in the first place.

6) SEO

You have a website, it’s designed really well, the pictures and text are all in place, everything is ready to start selling your products/services. But, where is everybody? Having a new website is similar to opening a new shop down a dark alley. It may be the best place in the world, but if nobody knows it is there, nobody will visit! This is where SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) comes in!

We can show you how to signal to Google that you are here and are ready to help people with their inquiries. Helping you understand how Google works and the relationship between your website and how Google interprets information will leave you in a much better position to generate more traffic, leading to more enquiries and sales.

7) Analytics & Search Console

Once your site is up and running and attracting visitors, you will want to know the statistics that are getting generated. How many visitors are using mobile phones to look at the site? How long are they staying on the site? How many people came from Facebook? Did any leads come from LinkedIn etc? Google Analytics can show all of this and much more.

Search console is a fantastic, free tool from Google that is often overlooked but can be essential to understand how visitors search for your website.  Whilst Google Analytics tells you everything about the visitors when they land on your site, the search console tells you lots of information about your site before people visit.  This information includes what search terms people are using to find your services, how many times that search term is used, where on Google you are appearing for that term as well as lots of other very useful information.

Whilst we do dedicated training on Google Analytics and SEO, covering the basics is an essential part of the training as it helps you to understand the way people use and search for your website. Understanding how to use Analytics and Search Console helps to make better decisions when it comes to future marketing efforts.

A lot of the information that we cover can be found on the internet and even on our website in the news items, but these are more ‘generic, cover everything’ style help posts.  Our bespoke training is designed for you, on your own website and likely won’t be repeated in the same format again.

If you are serious about wanting to understand more about your website or want to bring your website marketing in-house then give us a call, or send us a message using the form underneath.

If you want to know how our training is from some of our previous clients, take a look at the independent Google reviews before getting in touch.

Customer Reviews

Here are some of the reviews our brilliant clients have left for us on Google. Have a read and get in touch with us to start your project.

Based on 40 reviews.
Claire Rushton
Claire Rushton
Superb website training provided. Knowledgeable and patient. Would definitely recommend. Many thanks Billy.
Matthew Schofield
Matthew Schofield
We had a team training day on Wordpress and associated tools, led by Billy. There was coffee along with great information and feedback during constant back and forth. The value of the time spent far exceeded the actual cost. I would recommend these sessions for fresh perspectives, honing skills and insights. Thanks Billy!
Stephen Ward
Stephen Ward
We have really enjoyed and appreciated the support from Billy and Darren at InteractIT. We are getting good value results from Google Ads optimization, excellent WordPress support and training and exciting possibilities with the implementation of AI. Thanks Guys.
Joe Henderson
Joe Henderson
The team are great, knowledgeable and professional. They understand that not everyone is SEO/PPC savvy and they work with and support through the learning curve. Billy has been a life saver and helped support me while I build my business. Great team, company and Highly recommended!
Scott Heywood- Bell
Scott Heywood- Bell
I can't thank Billy enough. He has been an absolute inspiration from a technical point of view but always goes above and beyond. I would 100% recommend Interact IT.. Thanks Scott
KW Group Ltd
KW Group Ltd
Thanks to Billy and the team at Interact IT, working closely together and giving great advise along the way we successfully updated and launched the new improved website - long may this continue into the future. Many thanks, Craig.
Phill Berry
Phill Berry
Huge thanks to the team, and especially Billy. Following your advice I have migrated all my customer sites to the recommended host and am receiving an impeccable service. Our current ongoing project with is looking sharp and your input has been invaluable, here's to many more!
Paul Ashworth
Paul Ashworth
Excellent zoom call this Morning with Billy discussing our website and looking at ways we can increase our search engine visibility and implementing a google shopping campaign
Katy Whittaker
Katy Whittaker
I found the Introduction to Adwords course help and easy to understand, Billy explained things very clearly and was happy to go over any points that need further explanation. I felt the course was also very practical, I could use what I learnt straight away. Thank you!
Sarah Tinsley Counselling
Sarah Tinsley Counselling
Really great training event. Friendly, relaxed, knowledgeable trainer. Responsive to the needs of all those in the room. Thanks so much.

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