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Billboard Graphics and Animation

This is a branch of graphic design, just on a much larger scale. For billboard graphics, everything is enlarged to compensate for higher resolution displays. Vector images are commonly used in Billboard graphics, as they can be constantly scaled up and down without losing any quality.

An easy way to get your business out there is to place your branding across different major billboard signs or animated screens throughout the country. This is a brilliant idea if you want to get your company recognised, as people see billboard ads every day.

Think of how many people will see your ad just by walking or driving past. Bus stops also often have adverts on the side, and some more expensive billboards have large, ultra high-res screens which you can use for a short video promoting your services. The number of impressions and views will be extremely high! At Interact, we can make your custom graphics very eye-catching and instantly draw the audience’s attention.

Check out our animation portfolio here:

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