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Custom Character Creation and Animation

This is primarily the art of designing and creating a character for use in animated videos or film. Character animation helps your business to create a symbol or mascot which your clients can relate to. In turn, people will begin to identify your character with the company and vice versa.

At Interact, 2D animation is what we focus on, creating clean, meaningful characters. This not only generates more views for your business, but also promotes products in an imaginative sense. The way it moves around and interacts with objects within the world can be endlessly customized, and makes for a believable real-world example within the animated universe.

To really incorporate character animation, using music and dubbed audio is perfect for giving the user something to listen to whilst watching. We can also provide background music for that extra flair. If your video platform supports captions, then use them! Around 85% of users don’t watch social media videos with audio, so if you can’t incorporate captions on the app, then we can embed them into the video itself.

Your custom animated character can be developed to target your specific audience, whether that’s food-related, pets, landscaping, etc. Characters can be made to create particular feelings in viewers. Remember, videos which give the viewer emotion are much more likely to be shared around on social media.

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