Are your messages consistent?

Traditionally different marketing channels have been handled by separate, often specialist, agencies.  This can lead to a disjointed public image projected to your customers, who may be jumping from Google, to Twitter, to Facebook and then back to Google.  Wherever your customers see your company name the message should be consistent.

The Internet has now presented a unique opportunity and challenge.  It stands as the only medium that consists of multiple different marketing channels.

In order to have a successful online marketing campaign, you must take an integrated approach and use all of the channels that the Internet affords you.

A typical online marketing campaign, even with a small budget, can easily consist of a half dozen different channels: main website, online ads, SEO, social media, e-mail marketing, and blogging.  When working with multiple channels it’s important to keep your messaging and ‘feel’ consistent across the different online channels.

This is a perfect example of integrating separate online channels with the same, consistent message.  You lose value and brand equity when you dilute your brand’s theme by varying the message between different digital channels.  No matter what channel you’re working in, be sure to remain faithful to your brand’s core message. Your brand no doubt operates within many online channels, it’s important that each of them is conveying a coordinated message.

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