Where to find new keywords?

If you are looking to improve the amount of content on your website, you may know that having a regular blog update is a great way to organically grow the size of your website whilst increasing the strength of existing keywords and introducing new keywords into the fold!

But where can you find fresh keywords and content ideas ongoing?  Many people really want to create new content, but don’t know where to start and what content is worth creating.

Hopefully, this post will help you navigate some of the more traditional keyword mining locations, as well as uncover some new ones.

Traditional Keyword Locations

The normal places that marketeers would look for valuable keywords shouldn’t be overlooked.  Chances are that you will find some good content ideas that can contain keywords that are new to your website.

It is well worth looking over these again to see if there is anything that you have missed.

Google Search Console

Search Console (previously called Webmaster tools) contains a wealth of information that cannot be ignored.  Search Console collects the data from Google before people get to your website such as the actual search term they used, the number of times your site has appeared for that term, how many times people have clicked on your website when searching for that term, the CTR (click-through rate) for that term and where your site appears on Google when people search for that term.

Using Interact Digital as an example, if I want to see how many searches – and what searches are being performed – that include the keyword “Chorley” I can log into Search Console, and filter the data to show me all the keywords over a specified time that show me all the searches containing Chorley.

Chorley search term on Search Console

Actual search terms including Chorley

Here we can see the different types of searches that have taken place, all containing “Chorley”.  This is great for us as we can see what people are searching for, what searches our website is being matched to and searches that we could create content around in the hope of getting more traffic and ultimately leads and sales in the Chorley area.

This can work with all different types of searches.  Some of the keywords I would search for my be:

Digital marketing, SEO, Web Design, North West, Animation, Adwords, PPC.

These would bring up many different results that I could then create content around, providing value to people searching and helping my site increase its keywords and relevancy.

If you want to know more about Google Search Console, we can help!  Get in touch with us using the form at the bottom of the page and let’s have a chat.

Adwords Keyword Ideas

The keyword planner feature on Google Adwords is a great feature to help find new keywords.  The downside is that you need to have an Adwords account set up to be able to use it.

Presuming you do, log in and go to Tools & Settings > Keyword Planner.  Type in the keyword that you would like to use to get more ideas about and the software will do the rest!

These are some of the results that come back when I search for “web design” on the Keyword planner:

Keyword Planner on Google Adwords

The costs can be ignored as they are the ‘cost per click’ when using the Pay Per Click platform rather than Organic SEO.

The competition column (Low, Medium, High) is a good indicator as to how difficult it will be to rank for these terms.  Low competition keywords will be easier to get a page one position for, over a high competition keyword.  Especially if there are paid ads running for that term as the amount of real estate left over for organic searches is severly limited.

Answer The Public

Answer the public is a great free (up to 3 searches) keyword discovery tool.  All you do is go to answerthepublic.com, type in the keyword and it will generate a ton of questions and potential blog posts for you to look through, all based on what people are searching for.

Answer the public keywords

Google Search

Often, people will overlook the actual tool they primarily use to search – Google!  When you type your search into the search bar in Google, you will see a bunch of pre-populated search terms that Google suggests to you.  These searches are based on other searches that are performed on Google, so you will be getting access to popular searches.  there may be some nuggets in there that you can use for your website.

Google Search Terms

Keywords Everywhere

Keywords everywhere is a browser extension that you can download on Chrome or Firefox (these are what I use, it is possible you can download on other browsers) that will provide a list of alternative keywords when you search on Google.  Again, this may provide some keyword suggestions that you don’t currently have on your website.

When I do a search on Google, along the right-hand side of the screen pops up with a bunch of alternative suggestions:

Keywords everywhere

These can be used for blog and content, or used for further research to find search volumes, competitions etc.

Alternative Locations For Keywords

If the suggestions above either aren’t enough, or you’re looking to really mine into new keywords and generate loads of new ideas, there are a few off-the-wall ideas that you can look through to find more keyword ideas.  Check these underneath and let us know what you think.


Reddit is a huge user-generated content platform with threads on almost anything you can think of!  Due to this, it is a great place to find keywords and questions people are talking about and are related to your service.  There is nothing wrong with finding an issue that people are having and discussing and creating an article or help file around that.  It will help you when you rank for that term on Google and it will help the people searching – providing you offer value in the content!

This is a small sample of posts around the search for “digital marketing”:



In a similar fashion to the Reddit technique, you can go to Amazon and look for books in your niche.  Click the ‘look inside’ option to check out the chapters of the book.  This will give you an insight into the important aspects of that niche the author is covering.

You can use these to write a content piece about or go through the process again in searching for related terms to that search term.  Either way, it is a great resource to generate new content ideas.

underneath is a random book about Digital Marketing.  I clicked the look inside and can see the index which is a source of new content I could create on my website!Amazon look inside book

Amazon look inside book

Wiki Searches

Another technique is to Google your key term and add ‘wikipedia’ on the end. This can bring up a bunch of page titles and keywords that might offer a different set of keywords you could use.

Here is what is shown when I Google ‘digital marketing wikipedia

digital marketing wikipedia

In the top result I would mark down ‘Digital Marketing System’, ‘Content Marketing’, Social Network advertising’. There was also a couple of page titles a little underneath the top result, that were ‘direct digital marketing’ and ‘online advertising’ which I will look into more to find out competition and search volumes before making a decision of whether to create content around those terms or not.

We hope this post has offered some insight and value in finding new keywords.  There are obviously many other places to find keywords and hundreds of tools that you can use, such as Moz, Ubersuggest, Keyword finder etc.

If you have any questions or queries about finding keywords or want any help with your digital marketing, please don’t hesitate in getting in touch with us.  We are on the phone: 01257 429217, via the form underneath or any of the social media channels linked at the bottom of the page.

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