Different Types of Adwords Campaigns

Choosing the best Adwords campaign type for your Google advertising can be confusing, especially if you’re new to Google Ads.  In this blog post, we’ll help you make the right choice and guide you on what each marketing strategy is used for.

First off, you need a goal.  Something in mind that will help kickstart your business.  You need to decide how much time to invest, as each campaign type is very different.  With this in focus, let’s talk about what each ad campaign is used for.

Search Campaigns

In a nutshell, Google search campaigns allow you to reach new people if they’re searching for a specific product or service that you offer on Google. This is perfect for receiving new visitors, as well as finding potential customers which can lead to sales on your site, which in turn boosts your rankings.

The search Adwords campaign allows lots of targeting techniques to refine your audience and target people who are actively interested in a service that you offer.  Having your site appear near the top of search results, a user is far more likely to click on your ad than if it was on page two or at the bottom of the list.

All of this is very helpful, but the drawback search campaigns have is they’re only shown on Google searches.  Anything else such as websites, email, or YouTube will not show the ad.  This campaign type has a much better conversion rate than the other options, but in turn, comes with a higher cost per click.

+ Show ads to people actively searching for your services online
+ Easy to set up and maintain
+ Keyword based, with lots of management options to optimise costs and targeting
Higher long-term costs compared to other methods
Doesn’t appear unless the user is specifically searching for something to do with your product or service

Display Campaigns

Google display campaigns are visual, engaging ads that are shown to people as they browse many different sites or apps. Display ads also work alongside search campaigns to help expand and reach more people.

You know those ads you see sometimes on news articles, or even in your Gmail “promotions/social” tabs? Those are all display ads, and their sole purpose is to showcase the brand as much as possible to catch the user’s eye.

Smart display ads are a sub-category of this, and this basically simplifies the entire setup process, so you can save time as well as optimise for maximum conversions.

It includes automated bidding, by setting a maximum budget Google will be able to optimise the ranking of your ads automatically, as well as aim specific ads at your set targeted audience for the highest reachable impressions.

+ Eye-catching and visually appealing for users
+ Shows on popular Google apps – YouTube, Gmail, Play Store, etc
+ Reaches 90% of users worldwide
Typically lower CTR than other campaign types
Lower conversions, they’re more suitable for longer sale processes

Shopping Campaigns

This type of campaign aims to promote your products in as much detail as possible what it is you’re selling before the user even clicks on the ad. Each time you get an impression or click, Google will log it. With this data, you can track the performance of each product over time – which can help you to optimise each one, and tweak the settings of your campaign.

If you’re a retailer looking to sell stock, shopping ads may be a great choice. These ads will appear on search results and more specifically under the Google shopping tab, which is a fantastic way for people to find your products.

If you’re a smaller shop owner, then opting for a shopping campaign can help boost your store to nearby potential customers. If your business is based online, then using visually engaging ads such as pictures and discount promotions can contribute towards getting more visitors to your site.

The Google Merchant Center makes your shop and product available to shoppers across Google. Basically, this means everything you sell is right there in front of customers when they’re searching on Google property. By utilising this, you can sell your products globally as well as highlight promotional deals.

+ Smart shopping campaigns are super easy to set up
+ Very cost-effective, not much effort needed either
+ Automated bidding and optimisation to return ad spent
No click shares or impression rates
No ad scheduling or control over bidding


Essentially, remarketing is an alternative way to connect with old visitors who interacted with your website in the past. If they weren’t a first-time buyer, remarketing can position your ads more effectively in front of this audience as they browse the internet. By doing this, it can help increase purchases and boost brand awareness to those people and others interested in the same thing.

A remarketing adwords cmapaign can be used on a large scale, by utilising multiple device types and millions of websites. They also have efficient pricing, and if done right, can offer very high-performance results. With real-time bidding, Google can calculate the best possible time and amount to bid for the people viewing your ad.

Remarketing also works with all the different ad types. They can be shown on the display network, through search ads, or even dynamic ads, which aims the ads at people who have previously viewed your website.

+ Show ads to people who’ve previously interacted with your business
+ Focused advertising on a large scale
+ Easy ad creation and fair, affordable pricing
Customers could be turned off or become annoyed at seeing the same ad
The user might have already bought the item from somewhere else

Adwords Campaign Summary

So, now you know what each marketing strategy is used for, hopefully, you’ll be able to decide on the correct Adwords campaign that can really boost your website visitors to its maximum potential! Just remember the important steps – knowing your goals, researching your market, set a target audience, watch your competitors, and experiment with your campaign.

Dealing with Adwords and campaign types can be confusing if you are not familiar with the set-up and control panel.  We are always here to help out whatever your Adwords problem may be.  We offer free appraisals (send your details using the form underneath), Adwords training or PPC management if you are looking for agency help.  We are also available on the phone or via email if you want to know any more about Adwords

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