Finding keywords from Google Analytics

As all online marketing professionals will tell you, running an Adwords or SEO campaign is a never ending process.  You’re constantly looking for new ways to promote a business and specifically identify new keyword phrases with which to attract fresh visitors.

So the important question is; how do you find new keywords to use in your page content or Adwords text ads?

One of the most overlooked methods for identifying new, important keywords is actually provided by previous website visitors.

Each time someone visits a site they leave a trail of information, some of which can be quite useful for determining which keywords are important and should be used as the basis for future changes.

This information is contained within the website analytics program (such as Google Analytics) which records all user’s activity, such as how they arrived at the site, what pages they visited on the site, how long they spent and much more.

Drilling into Data From Google Analytics

Using site analytics can be useful in several ways. First, if a visitor is referred to a website by a search engine, the reports will record which search engine sent them AND what keyword search was used to locate the site.

Mining this information shows these words.  But this raises the question: If visitors are already getting to the site using the keywords isn’t the site already successfully optimised for those keywords?  Maybe not.

Having visitors directed to a site doesn’t mean the site is doing as well as it can with the keywords.  It is more important to examine the keywords along with a site’s position in the search engine rankings.

To do this, enter the keyword string into the search engine from which traffic was received.  Next check the site’s ranking for that keyword.  If the site appears well down the list (e.g. below 10th place) then clearly the site is not receiving as many referrals as sites that show up on the first page.

This may suggest to the marketer that some adjustment to the site could improve their rankings.

Furthermore, the keywords may not currently form part of your Google Adwords Campaign.  So identifying new keywords from your Organic traffic can greatly improve the performance of your paid search.

Once you’ve identified which keywords are driving active visitors you need to generate a list of all the phrases.  This list should then be de-duplicated to remove any keywords you are already using – the remainder forming the basis of a new Adgroup.

Keywords from Internal Site Searches

The Site Search facility of Google Analytics allows you to see how people search your site.  You can find out what your visitors search for and which pages they visit as a result.

If a specific keyword is being frequently searched for, questions should be asked as to why this is happening.  The most likely cause being that the site navigation is not intuitive enough to allow for this particular piece of information to be found.

It can also be an item either unavailable through the menu structure or visitors aren’t willing to invest time looking for it. Whatever the reason, the list of keywords used within the Internal Site Search is a valuable source of new terms which can be used both in Adwords and SEO promotion.

One way that you can use the internal search feature is to spot the pattern of what popular items are being looked for, and make this much moreeasily accessible.  For instance if someone is doing a search for a product, promote it on your home page.  For every one person who goes to the trouble to search your websiet, there will be three or four others who won’t bother.

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