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Google Analytics Training Lancashire

Learn how to understand the reports and statistics that marketing companies send to you by learning Google analytics.

Want to know how many people visit your site on a mobile? How busy was the site on a Tuesday afternoon? Did that Facebook boosted post lead to any more sales or leads on the website?

Google Analytics can tell you all of this and we can show you how!

Our training can include:

  • Installation
  • Reports & Monitoring
  • Analysis and Optimisation

If you can’t measure your website statistics, how do you know if it is getting better or worse? Our custom-designed training helps you identify the areas of Google analytics that you need to know.

Primary Trainer – Billy Martin

Billy is our primary trainer and a fully qualified Google Professional in both Google Analytics and Adwords with years of hands-on account management and training experience.

Our 1-2-1 Google Analytics Training Sessions Include

Learning how to use Analytics on your website will help you understand how Google reads your website, the relationship between SEO, seasonal offers and effects and website visitors.  Google Analytics can be tied with other third-party systems and we can show you these as part of the training.

Account Creation

  • What Analytics tracks and how it can help.
  • Signing up for Google Analytics & creating an account.
  • Finding where to place the code on your website.

Tracking Code Installation

  • Using & configuring Google Tag Manager.
  • Finding the correct code and adding it to the website.
  • Linking Search Console and Google Adwords

Monitoring & Reporting

  • How to navigate around the system and what each report does.
  • What should you be looking for in Analytics.
  • How to download / email reports and automate weekly or monthly.

Analysis & Optimisation

  • What the reports mean and how to analyse the data.
  • How to use the data to improve your website.
  • Using conversion data to track sales and leads.

Analytics Experts

Google analytics has a wide range of features that tells us everything we could want to know about visitors once they find out the website. The amount of options is quite staggering with custom reports being able to be created on almost any aspect, however, it is not all straightforward.

If you look at a chart or graph and have no idea what the data is telling you, acronyms like CTR, Conv. Rate, CPM make you go glossy-eyed, then you are not alone. It is important to have an understanding of the essentials when it comes to analytics though.

Whether you use us or another agency for marketing, the results that get sent back to you as ‘proof’ that things are going well will be from Google Analytics. If you have no idea what it means, then you could be having your pants pulled down!

Our bespoke training aims to go through your analytics and show you the areas that you need to monitor and understand, what the different areas mean and how they relate to your digital marketing.

Tracking tag set up

The first step is to make sure you have Google analytics installed! If not, we will be able to help with the tracking tag installation and make sure you’re tracking all your visitors.

Traffic sources

Where’s your audience coming from? If you spend 10 hours a week on social media & not getting any new visits/leads/sales, then you need to know about it and adjust your targets.

Conversion tracking

A commonly overlooked aspect.  Tracking the important aspects of your site is essential.  When a ‘conversion’ happens, you need to know so you can measure your marketing effectively.

Reports & automation

Rather than checking analytics every day, you can create and automate a report to send you the important details every day/week/year, straight into yours or your client’s email inbox.

Want to know more about Analytics?

Let us know what you need to understand about Google analytics and we will be able to help.
P.S. The answer may already be in one of our blog articles!

For in-depth analytics training with our professionals, please get in touch via the form underneath, or give us a call on 01257 429217.

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Customer Reviews

Here are some of the reviews our brilliant clients have left for us on Google. Have a read and get in touch with us to start your project.

Based on 46 reviews
Jane Meese
Jane Meese
I work at Animal Rescue Cumbria and needed help with Wordpress training for our website. Billy at Interact was extremely helpful, knowledegable and happy to answer any questions I had. I would definitely recommend both him and his friendly team.
Ruth Seddon
Ruth Seddon
Delighted with my website designed by Interact, it's very effective and easy to manage myself. Recommended Company.
Kane Wallace
Kane Wallace
Been working with Interact for a few months now. Communication has been excellent and the team have given us nothing but excellent quality in every aspect of work done to date. They have also given us a number of recommendations on what we could do that wouldn't have otherwise occurred to us.
Raymond James
Raymond James
The Interact team have done a fantastic job with our branch website. Assisting us in optimising our online presence, boosting our Google rankings, and providing continuous support that is both affordable and effective to produce first-rate SEO growth. Interact has swiftly established itself as a prominent player in the digital space and one of our most important strategic partners, collaborating effortlessly with our internal marketing team. When we were on the hunt for a tactical digital partner, their depth of experience, along with their straightforward and practical approach, made them an obvious choice for us. They are passionate about turning ambitious ideas into actionable objectives and are adept at playing "the game of Google." Billy, in particular, has a keen eye for detail which allows him to spot opportunities for increased performance and I would gladly recommend him and the Interact team to anybody looking for a local company that will take your marketing strategy and SEO seriously.
SR Supply Chain Consultants Ltd
SR Supply Chain Consultants Ltd
No hard selling and provided cheaper alternatives to what we were looking for, which other providers hadn't made us aware of... Billy was fantastic and would definitely recommend.
Andrew Slinn
Andrew Slinn
Fantastic solution for all your website, seo and IT needs. Highly reccommend
Claire Rushton
Claire Rushton
Superb website training provided. Knowledgeable and patient. Would definitely recommend. Many thanks Billy.
Matthew Schofield
Matthew Schofield
We had a team training day on Wordpress and associated tools, led by Billy. There was coffee along with great information and feedback during constant back and forth. The value of the time spent far exceeded the actual cost. I would recommend these sessions for fresh perspectives, honing skills and insights. Thanks Billy!
Stephen Ward
Stephen Ward
We have really enjoyed and appreciated the support from Billy and Darren at InteractIT. We are getting good value results from Google Ads optimization, excellent WordPress support and training and exciting possibilities with the implementation of AI. Thanks Guys.
Joe Henderson
Joe Henderson
The team are great, knowledgeable and professional. They understand that not everyone is SEO/PPC savvy and they work with and support through the learning curve. Billy has been a life saver and helped support me while I build my business. Great team, company and Highly recommended!

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