What Is Remarketing?

Remarketing is basically showing your website advert to people who have already shown an interest in your services. This keeps them aware that your business is still around and may be offering additional services or offers.  You may of seen these ads before, when you have looked at a website, clicked off, then when looking elsewhere for a similar service an ad has appeared from the previous website reminding you of them.

You can use remarketing to improve the ROI of existing campaigns.  For example, if a campaign has keywords that bring traffic to your site, you can use re-marketing to drive conversions. You can even experiment with keywords that didn’t result in conversions in the past but, if combined with remarketing, might increase your ROI.

Why Use Remarketing?

Remarketing using Adwords is a very powerful tool. There are lots of advantages to using remarketing in your campaigns, here are a few:

  • Reach customers when they are most likely to purchase. You can reach your customers after they have visited your website, when they are searching for your services, on a different website, or both! Remarketing provides the ability to drive potential customers to your site whilst they are the most engaged.
  • Customise your remarketing list. You can select the people who you would like to re-connect with, i.e you can select only the people who have visited certain webpages on your site, or customers who have placed items into a shopping basket without completing a transaction.
  • Reach and Depth. You can potentially reach large amounts of customers numerous times a day, week or month due to the large number of websites that have joined the Google display network and are continuing to do so.  Your ad may be shown on multiple related websites each day.
  • Simple ad creation. You can produce many creative messages to your customers, through text ads, or use the Ad gallery to make image or video ads for free.

Example of how remarketing works

People looking for diving suits visit your online store to take a look at the available types of suits.  The site could add these shoppers to a “Scuba diving” list to show them ads about related products. Then your ads can be shown to these shoppers while they browse other websites on the Google Display Network.  Or, in case these shoppers are actively looking for diving suits, you can set a bid adjustment for this remarketing list on Google Search. Instead of showing these customers a standard ad about your shop, you could show them an ad that offers a special discount on diving suits. This ad might encourage them to return to the website to buy a suit.