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Do you use Google Adwords to generate new leads, sales or awareness of your services?  If you use an agency, or someone else to manage and optimise your account, how many reports have you been sent that you don’t understand?

All the charts, graphs and abbreviations such as CTR, CPC, CPA as well as other terminology such as bounce rates, cost/conversion, impressions etc can all be confusing to the best of us! (take a look at our PPC Jargon buster for more help).

There are of course generic PPC training courses that you can go on, or information you can search for around the web that will help you understand what these mean and this information will help, but, what they can’t do, is help you understand your individual results and data references.

Choosing a bespoke PPC training session for your Adwords campaigns focuses on the data that is generated from your own Campaign.   There is little point in learning all the best ways you can optimise your PPC campaigns on YouTube when you don’t use video marketing, or how you can generate more sales using Google shopping if you are a plumber!

What Google Adwords PPC training can help you with

There are multiple areas Google Adwords can help with, crossing over into Social Media and SEO, as well as where your money is actually being spent.

  1. Budget Control – See how your budget is being spent and take control over where it goes.  We can help you identify big-spending keywords or adverts that either need more budget or capping so it doesn’t spend all your money, depending on the results!
  2. New keywords and topics – We can show you how to identify the actual searches people make to generate your advert on Google.  Knowing the words and sentences people are using to search is a great way to identify keywords that you can use in SEO and Social Media campaigns.  Depending on budget and the keyword cost, Google Adwords can generate lots of search data in a short amount of time.  There is no reason why this data can’t be used across different platforms!
  3. Advert creative – Learn how to create effective adverts and extensions, understand the reports so that you can test and change to get the best performing advert every time it appears on Google.
  4. Analytics – Understanding the data that is generated from your Adwords campaign really benefits your future marketing efforts.  We help you understand what the key points are to look for and what you can do with this information that will benefit all your future marketing activities.  Find out more about Google Analytics here.

Trying PPC without learning

We speak to many people who are dead against using Google Ads.  “It costs too much”, “It doesn’t work”, “competitors click on your Ad and waste all your money” and many other stories.

To address the first two scenarios, yes, it can cost too much and the results will be rubbish if you don’t really know what you’re doing.  Google will offer suggestions on how to get the most clicks on your ad, but these clicks are not necessarily the best for you.  We concentrate on getting clicks that are most likely to convert clicks into customers, generating sales and leads.  We don’t aim to target people doing research on your products or services (this is what SEO would be doing), but target people who are ready to buy or commit to your services.  These are the clicks we aim to target and show you how to do that through PPC training.

Addressing the “competitors click on your ad and waste your budget” – this isn’t true.  Google has spent a lot of money and a lot of time developing systems to counter click fraud and does a good job!  Our team has experience in working with huge campaigns across Europe, with over a million pounds of ad spend per week, and the amount of fraudulent clicks discovered in this was minimal.

Booking Training

If you would like to find out more, please look at our PPC Training page.  This page will give you an overview of the different areas with Google Adwords that we can cover, all bespoke to what you actually use.  ALternatively, you can fill in the form underneath to enquire about dates and times and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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