Backup Your WordPress Website

Nothing always works perfectly, this is especially true in the world of technology and computers.  Crashes and coding conflicts will happen that will affect the performance of your website.  If you haven’t taken steps to safeguard your website (such as a backup) then you may be in for a painful time.

Backup Plugin

There isn’t a way to backup your website and database directly from the CMS control panel directly without installing a backup plugin.  This plugin will backup your website files and database and store them on your computer.  Go to your plugin directory to search for plugins straight through the WordPress system.  If you are unsure about how to install plugins, see our plugin how-to guide.

Hosting Control Panel

An alternative option for backing up your website is using your hosting control panel options.  This creates a zipped up file saved to your computer, however, many people don’t either have access to their hosting control panel or are unsure how to use it.  If you are familiar with your cPanel this may be the best option. The cPanel we use automatically backs up the files every night and there is a simple interface to restore a backup as well.


FTP is another option to backup the website files, however, you will not be able to download the database files through an FTP system.  A popular choice of FTP programs is a free software program called Filezilla.  This program allows you to connect to your website’s server, and directly access the files of the website to download and upload to and from your computer.

If you have any questions about backing up or restoring your website files, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us using the option underneath.

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