Can Google See My Site?

When a site is built, there is often a lot of anticipation and worry when the website isn’t instantly appearing in search results on search engines such as Google.

Google has its own rules and time frames, and (understandably so due to looking at every website possible published on the internet) can take up to six weeks to get around to finding your website. There are ways to attempt to speed this process up, such as uploading a sitemap to Google’s search console which will inform Google that there are new pages and content to index and consider for search results.

However, if after a few months your website still isn’t appearing on search results then you may need to do further research, or consult an expert (cough cough).

If you are concerned about SEO, take a look at our post detailing the basics of SEO

Advise On SEO Agencies

We’re still hearing from people being approached by so-called SEO Expert Agencies trying to scare clients into paying for expensive contracts.

More often than not, these don’t work and just leave you with an expensive bill.

The truth is, most of these emails come from offshore agencies, offering very poor value for money. Often using techniques that Google now frowns upon.

Our advice is:

  • Always use an agency you can meet in person
  • Ask for a break down of what the agency will do for your website
  • If they mention link building, ask for examples of work they’ve previously completed
  • Make sure your website content is unique

We will be able to give you a diagnosis of your website performance using FREE Google tools that are at our disposal. If you would like us to give you a free website health check and let you know how your site is performing, or how it can work better, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Learn more about SEO optimising here and feel free to contact us for a free SEO check!

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