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Creating Menu Bars In WordPress


Creating Menu Bars In WordPress

Getting Started With A WP Menu

When creating a website with WordPress, sorting out a menu can be a confusing exercise, as the pages that you create are automatically added to the navigation bar visible on the home page.  This is great for ease of use, but there may be pages that you don’t want displaying in the main navigation bar, or would like to place them in a different order or position.

Thankfully there is an easy way of doing this.  Using WordPress gives you the ability to create several different menu bars and (depending on your theme functions) set these menu bars in different places around your website.

How To Create A Menu Bar

To create a menu bar, firstly go to Appearance>Menus and either create a new menu if there is no menu items in by default, or edit the menu that has already been set up.  On the left hand side of the screen are your menu item options – pages, posts, categories etc, (there may be more options that you want to select that aren’t there by default that you can select in the ‘screen options’ in the top right of the screen) just drag and drop any of these items into the menu that you are editing, then drag to the position that you want them in.  Once you have your menu positioned how you want, then go to the bottom of the screen and select the location that you want the menu to appear in.

Once you have ticked or selected the position that you want the menu to appear in, save the menu and then you are done.  This menu will then be available for you to edit or add to in the future.  If you want to add a drop down menu to any of your items, just drag the menu item underneath and a little to the right of the top level menu item that you want to act as the drop down parent, and voila! you have a drop down menu.  You can create a three tier navigation system, i.e Parent menu item>child menu item>grandchild menu item.

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