Project Description

Client: ATL Trading

The Brief

ATL Trading is a trading company that sells pet accessories, DIY products, apparel, furniture and sports items. It was founded in 2017 and only had a small presence online with their previous website – which was quite outdated and no longer matched their requirements.

The previous website was fairly slow, and as more products were added, it was becoming bloated. Another issue was the colour scheme, apart from the pictures it was very black and white, which was quite boring to look at and didn’t inspire any motivation to buy from them.

ATL Trading asked us to rebrand their site, with a modern look that could expand easily. They needed an easy way to navigate and showcase their products in a way that would work well for them, but also look visually appealing to the website visitors.


One of the main features ATL needed was a way to mass upload products from a spreadsheet that is given to them by suppliers. We added this functionality in WordPress using WooCommerce, which essentially makes it much easier to add or change lots of products at once!

A visitor’s first impression of a site is the most important. If your home page takes a long time to load or looks relatively plain, your visitors could immediately click back to Google and look for a better website that matches their expectations. Getting the home page just right would be the main priority.

Creating a stylish carousel banner helps to promote more products quickly on the home page, allowing people to easily find new products, or sale items and navigate to a page with more details.

We also wanted to create an easy to use navigation system, allowing people to instantly understand and visit the location of the products or information they wanted. We wanted to use category navigation in the primary menu location with imagery to make the navigation as simple as possible.


We worked closely with the team at ATL to make sure all the functionality they needed was there. This included the product search, initial landing page and an easy way to add products. With the new navigation, clients can use the dropdown menu at the top and select categories that way, or by choosing an individual product via the search feature.

If needed, they can even compare products in their basket, or from the product page. Everything is accessible from any page either by the header or footer. This made the experience run far smoother than before and allowed for mobile users to easily navigate around.

Finally, we included user login functionality. This allowed customers to have an account and keep track of orders from ATL Trading. If you add something to your cart with no account, the next time you visit the site, the products will be missing. With an account, you can favourite/save things, as well as manage addresses and payment methods.

ATL Trading E-Commerce Web Design Portfolio

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