Client: Blackpool Transport

The Brief

Blackpool transport came to us with an idea of displaying their immediate and future plans for the bus depo on Rigby road. There are immediate plans to redevelop the main bus shed to accommodate better facilities for the buses and the staff who work there.

As the building development has not started, getting pictures and videos of the work is impossible, as they don’t exist, so an animation detailing the changes that will take place was the best option to go with. Our animator – Slawa Rusin – was able to create a storyboard and visualise the project through animation.


Understanding the project and the work that was proposed was fundamental to creating an animation that was understandable and highlighted the plans that were to take place.

Using simple shapes and animation to bring to life the vision for the bus depo was the plan for the characters and buildings that would be featured in the animation. This helped the movement of the animation and allowed the transition from one scene to the next, without losing the feel of the video.


The video was created in sections as we were constantly feeding back to our contact, to make sure details and styles were all correct, as well as any amends that needed doing per section. This was to make sure that timing and details were accurate.

Amending a video afterwards is a much trickier task than doing it scene by scene as one change can alter the timing of everything afterwards. Thankfully, there wasn’t much alteration needed and due to the understanding of the requirements before starting, we pretty much got the essence of the video correct straight away.

Take a look at the finished results underneath. If you would like to talk to us about an animation you would like, please feel free to get in touch with us via the contact form on the website, or on the phone: 01257 429217