Client: Business Gift UK

The Brief

Business Gift UK are a promotional business gift supplier, providing a range of promotional materials in bulk orders to other businesses.

Business Gift UK came to talk with us in regards to a Google Adwords account that was underperforming.  There are three different websites that are being promoted through paid search, each with a different item of promotional material – loop keyrings, blank keyrings and Business Gifts UK.

Analytics Training

There was also a need for the training up of some staff to help understand the results from the marketing of the website.  With an in-house team, understanding the results from marketing campaigns is crucial to optimise future results and tweak campaigns to get the most out of each marketing channel.


When starting an optimisation campaign, it is always prudent to start with an analysis of the existing setup, campaigns, ad groups, ads and keywords.

When we had a comprehensive ‘look around’ the account, we were highly confident that we could increase the conversions within the existing budget.

Our strategy was to split the ad groups into smaller groups with precise keywords and ads that lead to specific landing pages that are in line with the users initial search. This gives a better quality score (lowering the cost-per-click) due to the consistent message from keywords, ads and website, as well as a rise in conversions.

The next action we performed was to change the match types of the keywords. Often, the keywords were very broad, meaning the ads could appear for lots of searches where the intent may not be in the advertiser’s best interest. This could often waste the budget-making the ads not be available when a good search is taking place.

Analytics Training

Google Analytics is a great tool, but can be an overwhelming experience full of charts and graphs that don’t mean anything. Sitting down with the Business Gift team, we were able to help explain the different areas of Google Analytics and how to access and automate the reports that really matter.


Optimising the Adwords accounts has resulted in much better sales and leads through this channel due to the stripping out of unnecessary keyword targets, improving the adverts that appear and making sure that the landing page of the website is 100% relevant to the searches that are being performed.

The keywords in this account were mostly ‘broad match’ which meant that Google was showing the adverts to as many people as possible using quite broad reach methods, related terms and synonyms. Whilst this is good for attracting many clicks, often the search terms aren’t relevant to the service offered. In Business Gift UK’s example, the broad match keywords were generating clicks for people looking for novelty, or one-off keyrings. Business Gift UK sell bulk amount of keyrings to offer as promotional gifts. One-off keyring sales are not the target, meaning that these clicks were ultimately wasted.

The work we did was to reduce the amount of these clicks, so from a click-amount point of view, it looks worse, however, with the reduction of these clicks, the budget was still available to show more often when searches were performed that would be desirable. People looking for ‘wholesale keyrings’, or bulk keyring orders’ etc.

Analytics Results

Understanding the charts, graphs and data generated from Analytics allows the team at Business Gift UK to understand the results from the different channels used in the marketing of the business. Sitting down with the in-house marketing team and going through the Analytics account allowed us to deep-dive into the results that matter the most and look into which things worked, and which things didn’t. Knowing these details allows the team to focus on channels and strategies that are proven to work, whilst either changing other campaigns or dropping them entirely.

Clicks and conversion data for Loop Keyrings
Google review from Business Gift UK

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