Project Description

Client: Colourmaster

The Brief

Colourmaster NIP Ltd are the UK’s exclusive reseller of the Biosphere biodegradable plastic additive, which is a great product that basically speeds up the biodegradation of plastic up to 200 times. The issue was nobody knows about it!  We were tasked with increasing visibility and education around the product and what is possible.


There is a lot of content around the Biosphere product, but all of it in text, graphs and charts displaying the information.  The problem is it is boring!  We wanted to display the information in an easy to understand way that wasn’t going to send people to sleep or make them turn away in boredom.

The idea we came up with was to create a sub two minute animated video explaining the product, what it does and how it is useful.

From a customer’s perspective, reading a huge wall of text is far from ideal, so we wanted to make sure the animation explains their BioSphere product as quickly and simply as possible. If the animation was too long or had too much text to read, then there was a high chance the person watching might switch off during the video.

As well as this, we were asked to design social media posts to help promote their brand across different platforms. This was important to us as we wanted to get as many people as possible to see this effective plastic degradable option. Social media sites usually have some sort of scrolling feature implemented, and we had to be certain the graphics were striking enough for the user to stop scrolling and read them.


For the animation, we wanted it to be short but informative to ensure every point mattered when the user watched through. Plastic in Landfill sites is a major problem and Colour Master’s main priority was to make it clear for users that their product is created for a greener planet. The idea behind this animation was to remove all the jargon from paragraphs of text and turn it into a simple video which even younger generations could interpret.

We set out to simplify the process in video form, with characters/objects that people can relate to in their everyday lives. For example, bottles being thrown away is something everyone has either seen or done before. With the aid of voice/subtitles, this helps make sure the person viewing focuses on exactly what is happening during the video.

As for the social media posts, images are really important for grabbing attention. The colours of those pictures must be relative to the brand and also “pop” so users stop scrolling when it shows on their feed. Ideally, to catch the eye means using a consistent theme with simple but descriptive terminology which both relates to the user and expands to a larger, less informed audience.

Social media graphics and animation

ColourMaster’s animation video was a fantastic way to promote BioSphere across different platforms, making it easier for everyone to understand the use of the product. The social media graphics attracted more attention than before due to how much they stand out compared to previous posts.

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