Project Description

Client: Conveyancing Assist

The Brief

Conveyancing Assist is a relatively new company, consisting of a professional team of conveyancing solicitors. They have in-depth knowledge of the conveyancing process and focus on cost-effective solutions.

We were asked to create a stylish website and new branding to showcase their conveyancing services. Conveyancing Assist liked what we did with Swift Lawyers, which is another conveyancing company linked to them.

As this was a brand new project, we were tasked with creating a strategic marketing plan including SEO, social media and paid search (PPC) on Google.


The branding had to stand out compared to other conveyancing competitors, so we decided on a unique colour scheme – black and gold. This would give the website a very distinctive look, something different for people to remember.

Unlike other Conveyancing websites, sometimes less is more. A lot of text or paragraphs can turn potential customers off, as it overloads them with information and can be hard to read. We decided some simple, meaningful text in sentences would help people who visit the site be able to absorb more information this way.

Another important feature that Conveyancing Assist wanted to advertise was the instant calculator. Including this on the homepage would give new visitors an easy way to get pricing based on the information they provide.


Working closely with their team, we implemented these changes. In order to get information over to site visitors, we kept text short and sweet, with a minimal look and feel. Another good feature we included was an FAQ page, to further help people understand exactly how conveyancing works.

Finally, we made sure to optimise SEO for people who were moving house or looking for conveyancing services. This enabled Conveyancing Assist to maximise traffic and Google to crawl the website fully. It also lets Conveyancing Assist gain more visitors to their new site, by using specific keywords which will rank the site higher in search. By utilising paid Google Ads, we essentially gave it a kickstart, so any relevant searches for conveyancing would allow the website to pop up near the top of the page.

As well as the new website, branding and SEO, we created a Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for them to boost their visitors from outside sources. We scheduled a post letting people know about the new website including the link and relevant hashtags so people could click on the site when it was recommended.

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