Project Description

The Brief

Durofix is an online E-Commerce seller of power tools. They are extremely popular in many regions across the world, such as the UK, US and Taiwan. Their power tools are created for industries such as woodworking and automotive.

As their site was becoming incredibly outdated, going as far back as 2010, they asked us to revamp their UK site. As they were primarily going to be selling their branded products, the speed of the website would have an impact on user experience.


Our home page design was dark-themed, which fit the power tool images and overall look well. Their main website (, also has a similar theme, with a very dark, bold look.

Usually, E-Commerce sites require more optimisation, as there are many pages and product images to load in. As Google ranks websites on site speed, optimising this would be a high priority.


After the design got approved, we worked closely with the Durofix team to ensure all the features they wanted adding was put onto the new site. They needed an area for users to download brochures and catalogues in PDF format, which we added in later.

Using the images Durofix provided us, we built the website and added in some of their products to the E-Commerce side, using the WooCommerce WordPress plugin. This made it very easy for them to add and remove products themselves when it came time.

Finally, we made sure to colour match each page to correspond to the type of power tool the user is looking at. Xtreme Power and Pro-Assembly for example, each had different colour themes which matched the product lineup.

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