Project Description

Client: Group Analysis North

The Brief

Group Analysis North is a registered charity that administers and delivers group analytic training at foundation, diploma and qualifying levels. GAN supports a variety of training workshops and events to help support their charitable objectives. They wanted us to redesign their website with a newer look and feel, as well as be responsive on mobile/tablet devices for all users.


GAN had a website at the time, but it was looking extremely dated and didn’t allow the functionality to update the content easily.  This meant that any updates had to be done by the web designer, which in the case of spelling mistakes, or date changes can lead to expensive updates that should be easy to do themselves. 

The current site was also not responsive on different screen sizes.  With Google now ranking websites from a ‘mobile first’ perspective, the website was suffering in search results and not appearing as high as it should do for relevant searches.

Group Analysis North offers training documents to its students and the ability to download from the website.  Unfortunately, the functionality only allowed a single username and password.  This meant that all students had the same details.  This means that it wasn’t possible to restrict the access to selected courses to particular groups of students.


The main priority for Group Analysis North was to remake their website for future-proof purposes. They also required some way to manage the front end of their website.  This would be managed by creating the website in a very popular CMS (Content Management System).

We used WordPress, which is one of the most popular choices for website building as it allows the client to update everything by themselves.  This makes it much easier for GAN to change aspects of their website without the need for a web designers involvement.

All (modern) WordPress websites are screen size responsive, so that would be a big boost to the website straight away.  We are also able to partition the different courses listed, so that each course has a diferent area to be able to download course material and restriction in place as to who can access each part.

Students register on the website and are given a ‘role’ that allows them to access only the documents that are relevant to them.  Each student will also have a unique username and password that allows a much higher level of control to the site admins.

Responsive Web Design

The new site is completely mobile compatible, with an improved backend / CMS system for Group Analysis North to manage more easily than before.

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