Project Description

Client: House of Astley

The Brief

House of Astley is based in Lancashire and focuses on providing men & women’s fragrances, including hair and beauty products. HoA also sells designer brand gifts such as Gucci, Dior, Paco Rabanne and more. HoA are also official stockists of the famous Mason Pearson Hairbrushes.

Working with a perfume and hair care distributor, there was an opportunity to advertise these products online and cut out the middle man of eBay and Amazon, selling direct to customer via a website of their own.

We needed to create a website that highlighted the benefits of buying through House Of Astley and promote the range of Mason Pearson Hairbrushes, as this is an exclusive product line,


House of Astley had no original background, and essentially stemmed from an opportunity with a perfume wholesaler to launch their own eCommerce business. Combined with our skills at Interact IT, we knew that we could help this company take off.

As we were going to build this website from scratch with HoA having no previous background or history, we had to make sure the first website launch would be a success. Digital marketing techniques were vitally important to be certain the client can grow the business quickly.


We worked very closely with House of Astley to make sure we were delivering everything they wanted. For the website itself, it had to have a modern design to attract the beauty industry customers, which was their main target audience.

To ensure this new website was being seen by as many people as possible, we had to fully maximise the use of digital marketing techniques. By using Google Ads and Google Shopping, the website could appear at the top of the page when searching for a specific keyword or phrase.

Keeping PPC (pay-per-click) down was crucial, as higher cost per conversion with low sales can lose a significant amount of profit. The keywords were tailored towards popular searches with the products HoA had in stock. House of Astley is now one of the top suppliers for big brand names in fragrances and Mason Pearson hairbrushes.

Social media graphics and videos

House of Astley wanted a way to showcase their main product line for Mason Pearson hairbrushes, and one of the best ways to achieve this whilst maintaining user retention was through video form. We created a simple, quick animation advertising their most popular hairbrush models on social media, suitable for every hair type.

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