Innovate Lancashire

The Brief

Innovate Lancashire is a new website project that aims to form a Lancashire Innovation Network, bringing together support and collaboration. A network that works to support business and get innovation to market.

The website needed to be easy to use, visually impressive and interactive to allow people to easily find and connect with local innovation projects, but also to be able to list your business in the directory, allowing others to find you.


Using WordPress, we were able to create a visually attractive website that is easy to navigate, whilst encouraging interaction with the directory listings.

We were able to create the neccessary functionality that enables the directory listings to be created and managed by businesses and individuals, before being sent to a moderator for approval or to be declined.

Alongside the design of the website it is equally important to put tracking metrics in place to monitor the website traffic and the visitors it is receiving.  We installed Google Analytics and Search Console to the site and use the Tag manager to keep all tags in one place.

The tracking set-up allows us to monitor sign-ups to newsletters, innovation challenges and projects, email and telephone clicks and even page scrolling events to quickly see which pages people are engaging with, what sources of traffic are working best (Social Media, Google, Referral or direct).  Armed with this information, we can help understand which aspects of digital marketing are working best and where to concentrate any marketing budget to get the best results.


Whilst it is early doors (at the time of writing), the website is doing well!  People are already finding and interacting with the site from the social media promotion it has received.

We are tracking he initial visitors and instantly discovering the pages that are getting the most engagement.  From this we can make sure the most interestingareas are easily accessible and direct people to the desireable actions via CTA’s (call to action’s).

The website is simple and elegant in its design, which leads to an easy flow through the website lending itself to visitor retention and form fills!

Check out some sample page designs underneath and visit the site yourself to see what you think!  Don’t forget to let us know.

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