Client: Instant Brands

The Brief

Instant Brands is a renowned company offering a diverse kitchen appliance selection. With a global workforce of more than 2,400 individuals spanning four continents, they boast a rich history of over a century as pioneers in food preparation and consumption. Their products are found in countless households across the globe.

They approached us with a website in need of changes. At its core, it required enhancement of the customer’s experience. They wanted the website’s functionalities to support the retail experience for customers better.

Several areas required immediate attention:

  • The existing website had a tendency to crash intermittently.
  • Making changes to pages and products proved challenging due to the extensive customisations needed.
  • A coding error was rendering the SEO efforts ineffective.
  • The website’s fragility posed a hurdle to updates, primarily stemming from the intricate customisations within the PHP template files


For Instant Brands, we were determined to ensure the website’s functionality while keeping the consumer’s journey our top priority. We were also aware that their mobile site needed improvement in terms of speed and performance. This was a crucial step as the customer journey is centred around being on mobile. Keeping the mobile site the way it originally was would mean less sales as customers would leave the site and move to other retailers. The homepage of the website was another major focus. Being the first page the customer sees, we understood the importance of providing the best shopping experience.


At Instant Brands, our commitment was to guarantee the website’s functionality without compromising the primary focus on the customer journey. Recognising the pivotal role of mobile accessibility in the customer’s experience, we were aware of the need for improvements in terms of speed and performance on their mobile site.

Understanding that the customer’s journey predominantly revolved around the mobile platform, it was important to address these concerns. Maintaining the mobile site in its original state would have potentially led to a loss in sales, with customers abandoning the site in favour of competitors.

We also placed significant emphasis on optimising the homepage of the website. As the initial point of contact for customers, we were aware of the homepage’s crucial role in shaping the overall shopping experience. Our goal was to ensure that it provided the best possible experience for visitors.


Using the WordPress framework, we worked collaboratively to implement the changes we knew would work well for the website. These included:

  • Allowing the search bar to find everything on the site
  • Being able to filter between categories and recipe pages
  • Setting up working clickable banners
  • Highlighting concepts such as free delivery
  • Creating a page to automatically display sale items
  • Payments and warranties
  • Changing the look and feel of the recipe pages
  • Improving the speed and layout of the home page

For this website, the mobile version wasn’t functioning as needed. Maintaining the same content as the desktop version was essential to ensure a seamless user experience across devices. We began by experimenting with different functions such as a mobile responsive menu, a unique header, and simplified categories pages for the customer to browse through and purchase items easily.

There was no SEO (search engine optimisation) on the site. SEO is making your website easily accessible to find, read and understood by search engines such as Google. We improved this by implementing SEO practices, generating more traffic to their website and leading to more sales.

We also implemented a vital functionality that enabled resellers to claim commissions for sales generated through their individual websites. Our collaboration with Commission Junction was instrumental in successfully integrating this feature into the site.

For this site, we used CRM (customer relationship management) which would automatically handle orders and customs enquiries. A CRM system on a website allows for; efficient customer management, improved customer service, targeted marketing, increased sales, streamlined processes, data analysis, automation, customer retention, scalability, and maintaining a competitive edge.

An automated system for sending out review requests to customers was crucial for streamlining the process of gathering valuable feedback. This system also played a crucial role in efficiently collecting and organising reviews for each product. Furthermore, the collected reviews were thoughtfully displayed on the corresponding product pages, ensuring that customers could easily access and evaluate feedback for the product they were interested in. This not only enhanced the customer’s shopping experience but also provided a reliable source of information to help them make informed purchasing decisions.

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