Project Description

The Brief

Acoustic Supplies first came to us wanting a Google ads review and to ultimately optimise  the Adwords account to get the most amount of visitors for the budget.


An Adwords analysis is well worth the time and effort nad should be performed at least every year to make sure the targets are aligned and everything is moving in the same direction.  Analysing not only theGoogleAdwordsaccount, but the website and Analytics accounts alloes us to get a broad picture of all the differnet targets companies such as Acoustic Supplies can and should be targeting.

This approach also uncovers other opportunities to increase traffic to the website by analysing other marketing channels that are either not being used correctly, or not optimised to generate the best return on investment.


The first thing to do was to go analyse the campaigns that were running and compare them to each other.  This allows us to discover the best performing campaigns and understand what is going on.  In this case there were ten different campaigns running, with two or three performing much better than the others.

Once we understood the best performing campaigns we can start with the optimising of the underperforming campaigns.  This means making sure the keywords are correct, the adverts are well written and go to the correct web page.  Finally that the landing page is optimised to convert visitors into customers.

Once all this is done, if the campaigns are still not as good at converting the same amount of visitors as the better perfomring campaigns we re-adjust budgets.  Cutting down the budget on the lower performing campaigns and increasing it on the better performing campaigns basically means more conversions or leads for the same overall budget!

The amount of data available in the Adwords campaigns also allows us to improve the SEO of the website.  Running Google Ads provides lots ofinformation relatively quickly.  The keyword reports allows us to see the words that people are using to generate the adverts and these can be included in blog posts, pages and case studies to help the website appear in Google searches organically.

Social media graphics and videos

As well as Google Adwords, we also create content, graphics and videos for use on Social Media.  We have introduced an Instagram page for Acoustic Supplies and update the Facebook and Twitter accounts on a regular basis.  Underneath are a few of the graphics that we have created.


So, how did we do?

Increase in Adwords conversions & leads
Increase in average visitor numbers per month
Increase in Facebook page likes & followers

The Adwords work is an ever ongoing process of continual improvements and testing, but the work we have done has greatly increased:

  • The amount of clicks to the website from paid searches
  • The amount of leads and conversions from paid clicks.

The two points above are very differnet but both important for businesses.  Getting lots of people to your website for an agreed budget is great, but if they do nothing when there, ultimately pointless.  We optimised the Acoustic Supplies Adwords account AND the website landing pages so that the information people wanted was easy to find, use and then get in touch about.

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