Client: Kirsty’s

The Brief

Kirsty is a mother from Lancashire who kickstarted her business by creating healthy gluten, wheat, and dairy free ready-to-go meals. Her whole food range is allergen-free, with lots of nutrition and packed full of taste.

Kirsty’s asked us to update their website, as it had an extremely old design that didn’t suit today’s standards and was built in a way that search engines couldn’t read the content of the site which was very bad for SEO.

Kirty’s products are stocked in supermarkets and stores up and down the country and we were asked to create a way for customers to find the meals they were looking for from the website with links to the nearest store that had the product in stock.


The old website had a dated look, with mismatching colours and text font. Each page looked relatively the same as the previous one, and definitely needed some spicing up. Kirsty also wanted her site to incorporate an online store, a way for people to find products near them.

It was important to give a fresh feel to the website whilst making it clean and easy to use at the same time.  Speed of loading and effective functionality would be the foundations to a successful website.

Search features to quickly find the content required and store locators were considered to be essential to make it quick, simple and user friendly.


Taking into account the speed of the website, we made sure it was lightweight and responsive. This was challenging for a site with lots of products on, as it must always be up to date with product stock and where to find them in stores.

As for the search feature, we decided to use a postcode format so it lists all the stores with the product in stock within a specific range near you. This helps people know how far they have to travel to find her meals. By clicking on the “find closest stockist” button, the website will prompt the user to show their location, so the product locator can be even more accurate to the nearest shop.

Responsive web design

Kirsty’s new website was a speedy improvement compared to the previous one, with a fresh look, better functionality, and an online store feature to find products nearby!

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