Project Description

Client: K&L Freight

K&L Freight

The Brief

K&L Freight is based in Cheshire and is one of the UK’s most experienced logistics companies. They ship goods around the world via land, air and sea. The majority of their clients are involved in shipping cargo from China over to the UK.

K&L Freight came to us towards the end of 2019 with a website that wasn’t doing well in terms of site visitors, after a recent redesign. We were tasked with changing this, by optimising the SEO and bringing in new users.


Our initial thoughts on the site were that the potential was huge in terms of organic (free) visitors from Google. So with some SEO work, additional content and keyword research, we were confident that we could not only get the site the same amount of visitors it was enjoying previously but improve on it!

The issue with SEO is that it can take a little while to kick in! To counter this, we wanted to include a Google Ads campaign to target the best keywords so that the site could still be found on page one of Google whilst the SEO improvements are working in the background.


SEO Research was a huge part of this project, as we needed to find the correct niches to target. The secret to any site getting lots of visitors is to find a niche that is highly searched but with little, or weak competition! Sounds easy, but in reality, it can take a lot of work to get right. We managed to discover a target that suited the criteria though, and that was to target people looking to buy on Alibaba.

Alibaba is basically a Chinese Amazon (think B&M Bargains online) and allows people to bulk buy products to import into the UK, with the more you buy, the cheaper the price. People who are looking to buy here will need a trusted freight/logistics company to bring the goods into the UK.

Whilst the content is embedding into the website and Google is indexing the site, the Google Ads can work within an hour of set up. Working with the client and using the research that we have completed, we can target the best, most appropriate keywords for K&L Freight. This makes sure the site is visible on page one of Google, whilst the SEO is gaining momentum and adapting to user searches behind the scenes.

SEO Optimisation

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