Project Description

Client: MDL Fireworks

The Brief

MDL Fireworks came to us with a host of different websites with different targets, targeting people buying fireworks throughout the year.

The issues being faced were a lack of communication with the different people or companies involved in the website – host company, web designer, marketing etc.

MDL wanted one point of contact, and importantly, to meet the people actually doing the work and be able to have a working relationship with an account manager who understood the needs and requirements of the business.


Looking at the websites we could instantly see an opportunity for drastic improvements! The marketing of the site in terms of SEO was barely touched and the process of creating a sale was quite convoluted with barriers in the way at each step.

We wanted to create a simple process to help people find the websites, discover the products needed and make a sale that was simple, easy and provided detailed information on shipping rates and delivery times.

One other aspect that we discovered was that the main site had been injected with some malicious code that was making the site load slowly and giving a bad user experience.

We decided on rebuilding the framework of the site to completely remove any files that shouldn’t be there. This would give us a clean slate without the worry of re-infection as well as streamlininig payments and delivery processes.


We approached the re-build with a WordPress / Woocommerce build in mind, as the previous site was built in this framework and the products would be simple and safe to transfer across, allowing the continuity to flow through as well as making the build faster.

The pages and home page design would be updated to a modern, clean feel, showing off more visual information, as, in this instance (selling fireworks), this is the best way to sell the product.  People would be much more likely to buy when they can see what they are going to get!

A previous issue with the site was the delivey fee’s, with contact having to be made with the buyer to discuss shipping costs.  We created a process that is streamlined with all aspects of shipping to be automated within the website, making a much more simple process.

MDL Custom Web Design Portfolio

Take a look at how the images look on some different devices underneath, or check the site out yourself at: Buy Fireworks

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