Project Description

Client: Nederman

The Brief

Nederman is a clean air company that is dedicated to protecting the planet from the impact of industrial processes – this helps benefit the environment, as well as produce a safer workplace.

Nederman originally approached us to help manage their new campaign using Google Adwords.  Nederman was new to Adwords and were a little unsure of how to use it to its full potential, so asked us for insight on how to achieve better performance.  They also asked us to create some social media graphics and videos, to help expand their audience.


The best way to approach this task would be to look at the digital marketing techniques as a whole. Adwords is extremely important for making sure the website appears when somebody is searching for a query similar to what your business offers. Without optimised Adwords, you could be paying more per click than you need to and be appearing for searches completly unrelated to your business.

We wanted to promote their new product, the FX2 arm on social media, which helps dentists see more patients in a smaller time frame and also protects them more from infection.  A standard wideo could not explain the benefits in a timely, easy to understand way. With animation however, it is easier to visually explain the benefits, simplified for different audience age groups and languages.


Adwords was the main priority for Nederman, as they wanted to ensure as many people as possible would see their ads. We first analysed their digital marketing methods, providing information about what could be improved, then implementing it.

As for the animation, we made sure to make it with the Nederman brand in mind. The colour scheme had to match their style, which is a white and light blue theme. Creating the animation involved using characters which were simple but still showed exactly what was happening in the dentist scene. Being under a minute, the animation is short and sweet, promoting their product as efficiently as possible, which contributed towards higher viewer retention during the video.

Social media graphics and animation

We made sure to relate Nederman’s brand to their social media posts, with the blue colour scheme and clean aesthetic. The animation really helped explain what their dentist product is used for to a much wider audience!

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