Project Description

Client: Primetics

The Brief

Primetics are number 1 provider of agribusiness software in the UK. We were asked to create an animated timeline, showing who they are, the history of the company and the future of the business.


We wanted to create an engaging timeline style video showing the transition of the company through the ages, from the inception of the company to the modern-day culture and into the future.

There was lots of text that needed to be included in the video to create an understanding of the whats and whys over the time period.  It was decided that no voice-over was to be used, so the text needed to be engaging and in-line with the rest of the video.

We had to make sure that while the viewer will have to read a lot of information, the animation is still engaging and the viewer will want to watch it till the end, rather than give up after few seconds of pressing the play button.



Rather than having a standard timeline, with a line going across the screen with different dates and information, we came up with an idea of a 3D landscape with a timeline in the middle resembling a road that is actually the shape of the Primetics Logo.

The camera is set to follow the path, and acts as the eyes of the driver, making the viewer feel like he is taking part in the journey.


Since the video is quite long and very text heavy, we wanted to come up with some alternative ways of animating the copy. We decided to create road signs, appearing along the way, with not just text but logos and icons as well.

We also wanted to make sure that each sign looked slightly different, with some appearing on the time line, dropping down from the sky, and other looking like a plant growing from the ground, making sure it doesn’t look too repetitive.


In order to make the background more realistic, and the overall animation more interesting, we added little touches to the landscape like hot air balloon, flying birds, and things associated with the industry like turbines and silos. This also gives the viewer a break from reading the information on the signs.