Project Description

Client: Primetics

The Brief

Primetics is the top provider of agribusiness software within the UK. It primarily aims to streamline your business, whether it’s to do with gold agribusiness, generation seed management, or commodity trading.

They were going through a complete site overhaul, and we were tasked with speeding up the redesign process. We were given a basic outline of the redesign plans, then structured each part to match it up with what they had in mind.


Primetics were already in development with the website, however, the whole operation was taking far too long for their liking – as they had lots of paid work to complete. They asked us to help out with designing and implementing specific features to improve the site’s usability to move the process along faster.

It was important to make the site as user friendly as possible, as they were going for a very clean minimal design. Their old site was very text-heavy, with little in the way of colour or navigation. The content needed to fit cleanly on each page without cluttering or overloading new visitors coming to the site.

Another thing that they wanted to include was a new banner design. Their previous one was a basic static image and some text. On mobile, it didn’t scale properly – which was another thing that needed fixing. Different screen sizes were an issue for the site as the images would get cropped or moved out of alignment. Mobile-friendly websites are a huge factor in modern websites, as over 50% of users now use mobile rather than PC.


First and foremost, we needed a way to display the relatively large amount of information for each page, but in an easy-to-read way that wouldn’t turn people off. We decided to separate the page content into different sections and hide some of the content behind the “Read More” Buttons. We used JavaScript for this, so only when people click the button will it display the content. This allows search engines to read the text, which is great for SEO – while still keeping the page clutter-free, allowing people to find out more about the parts which they’re most interested in.

As mobile is so popular these days for browsing the web, we had to make sure that each page was optimised not just for phones, but tablets and other screen sizes. If a site doesn’t show up great on mobile, then the average user will find it hard to navigate around and most likely click off.

In terms of making the website feel more modern, we knew having a scrolling banner would give the site more professionalism while allowing for easy navigation with the “Find Out More” button on each slide. We also gave some tips which helped the original design team in creating the inner pages. The menu was also a sidebar design, which gave more room for content on each page, as well as made it simple to understand for mobile users. Over 50% of people are on mobile devices, which means the design of the site for small screens was crucial to the success of Primetics’ website.

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