Project Description

The Brief

The RSPCA is a rescue center for animals that specialises in protecting and ensuring they live in a safe, pain-free environment. The RSPCA contacted Interact asking us to create an advanced backend management system for them.

This backend involved adding their animals, uploading their photos, and adding details that would automatically populate the website. They also wanted this to generate a pdf brochure of the specific animal to be printed out and stuck on their shop windows for greater exposure.


As they wanted a way to match their pets to the customer’s specifications, RSPCA wanted to add items such as who they can live with, what the pet is like, its diet, toys/games, etc. Showing these icons below the animal’s portfolio is an easy way for customers to see if it would be suitable for adoption.

As for the PDF, they wanted an automated process rather than creating PDFs for every individual animal. Automatically editing the PDF would save time, and just grabs information straight from the website for the potential buyer to view in a document form.


Essentially, the backend system was to ensure all the animals were managed and kept track of. Dogs, cats, rabbits, etc. were all categorised, and the individual pet had the correct specifications for a potential new owner. This management system was designed for ease of use, to simplify adding animal portfolios onto the website.

By using these icons explaining the pet’s interests / how to take care of it, the “looking for pets” page is simplified and makes navigating the site much easier for customers to find their perfect animal. If visitors on the site prefer reading about the animal in PDF form, the option is there to download one. Now that we’ve implemented automatically generated PDFs for each animal, all the system has to do is give the document to the user, which they can then read instantly.

Easy management system

Thanks to the new management system for RSPCA, adding new animals is a breeze. Each pet is shown with information tailored to the owner’s needs, and by automatically generating PDFs, the whole process becomes much faster than before.

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