Project Description

Client: Ruth Seddon

The Brief

Ruth Seddon is a Human Resources and Employment Law expert, who has many years of experience in the field. She helps advise clients in many industries within the small business community. Anywhere from HR services to contracts and documentation, Ruth aims to help out as much as possible.

Ruth came to us as her previous website had a fairly outdated design and the SEO was poorly optimised, causing the site to lose traction and visitors. Alongside this, the website was very generic, and didn’t really fit with her role in the market.

She also wanted a new logo for her site, as her previous one didn’t really match the branding or industry she is in. It was essentially just some person silhouettes with a white background.


With Ruth’s site, we wanted to go for a softer, more inviting style. Something simple and clean to help users feel welcome to the site. With the right SEO helping it show up more often in search results, then the home page had to have a good look for people to land on.

First impressions are always the longest-lasting, so we wanted to incorporate something special. Pictures are very impactful, but drawings can be even more so, and give the visitor something to relate to.

The logo was also outdated and wasn’t going to fit with the new design or graphics. Here is what her previous one looked like:


We decided to use custom hand-drawn graphics which made it feel unique and special. The home page was fairly static at this point, so we added animation to these graphics and text to make the website feel more alive.

As for the logo, we wanted to match the new website design and feel. So rather than using images, we went for simple typography, which complements the simplicity of the new site.

Finally, to bring it all together, we optimised the SEO and content of the site to allow for Google to analyse, track and rank Ruth’s new website higher up in search terms and queries.

Graphics and Web Design

Here are some screenshots of the site across various mobile devices!
You can also view the graphics and overall design here.

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