Project Description

Client: School of Philosophy North West

The Brief

The School of Philosophy North West is a non-profit organisation that focuses on teaching students about the meaning and value of life. They offer an introductory course which answers some popular questions such as “Who am I? Why am I here? What is life about? How can I be happy?”.

They came to us asking for a complete website overhaul, as their previous site was not user friendly, and very old fashioned. Alongside this, their old website was missing SEO on a lot of the pages, which was having a negative impact when it came to the site showing up in Google searches.


School of Philosophy has many different regions, so we had to make this one stand out from the rest. This meant using fresh colours to help differentiate and give the new website a more modern, softer feel.

Their previous website was also lacking images and mostly used basic stock images which didn’t really reflect their business and courses. We needed to choose images that matched up with the new website design.


Once the website design got approved, we got to work on recreating it using WordPress. We chose the theme Picostrap with LiveCanvas, which is essentially a lightweight version of WP built for speed and performance. It primarily uses HTML and CSS built right into the software, so you have endless customisation.

We chose warmer colours for the site, so it is welcoming and easy on the eyes. A pale orange and light blue gradient were used on the headers, and minimal text on inner pages so it would be easy to understand and navigate the site. The images also had a consistent theme, with a puzzle being fitted to represent rebuilding your mindset.

To optimise each page for Google, we researched popular keywords which were including the website in search queries and included those in the meta description and title to boost the position a bit higher.

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