Project Description

The Brief

Scossa had been using Google Adwords for a number of years and had been through a few agencies and freelancers without getting the results that they were wanting.

Helen & Lee (Scossa owners) wanted more understanding of Google Adwords so that when reports were sent, they could work out more of what was happening and where there money was being spent.

They contacted Interact as a training provider to give that understanding of Adwords and how (if they wanted) they could manage and improve their Adwords account themselves.


The Scossa Ad account was pretty huge when we came to look at it, with lots of previous work being abandoned in the form of paused campaigns across all the differnet campaign types – Shopping, Search, Display, Search & Display.

We had to work our way through the campaigns to make sure what was running was the best campaigns straight off the bat, then concentrate on these to help Lee & Helen understand the meaning and relationship between keywords, adverts and landing pages.


Once we had a clear direction that we could concentrate on with the Adwords, we could sit down with the Scossa team and work on the campaigns that were active.  Helping clients understand that the quality of the click is more important than the amount of clicks is paramount to a cost-effective campaign.  We needed to make sure that Scossa understood that broad keyword targets are not the answer to a successful campaign when your basing that success on sales and leads.

We worked through the relationship between keywords, ads and website and how they work together to create a quality score that effects bid prices, how to optimise the adverts and web pages to reflect the quality keywords that we were targeting as well as how to find and choose keywords in the first place!


Due to the work we did on the active Scossa accounts, Interact have been employed to undertake the management of the Adwords account.  This is because of the results that were achieved with the changes that were completed in the presence of Lee & Helen and the increase in leads and sales on the account we worked on.

The quality of the visitors improved significantly.  There was a small drop in number, but this just meant that the budget was spent better on visitors who were more likely to perform a desireable action such as a lead form or a sale.

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