Project Description

Client: Survey Operations

The Brief

Survey Operations is one of the UK’s leading survey companies. They survey anything from mapping services and construction to laser scanning, UAV and utility scanning. Survey Ops also offer topographical surveys which include 3D laser scanning, 3D modelling, UAV imagery, CCTV drain surveys and more.

They needed an entire website redesign, as the previous site used Flash player and wasn’t mobile responsive at all. It was extremely out of date and desperately needed a revamp.


We had to make sure the website was easy to navigate, as the last one had broken links and outdated buttons. Adding menus with sub-menus made finding a specific service or page much easier, as every job is different.

To ensure the new Survey Operations website was a success, we decided PPC was important to drive more visitors. Pay per click essentially means paying a certain amount every time someone clicks on your advert on Google.  The price you pay per click is based on the competition for the search term and the quality of your advert & website.

To make sure Survey Ops was strong against its competition, we had to be certain that the new website was always in the user’s view when searching for survey companies.


One of the best ways to improve a website’s overall look is the animations, which in turn increases the visitor’s time on the site. As the previous website had no animation whatsoever, adding smooth fade / slide-in effects and smooth scroll had a huge improvement over the former.

We also added a project management tool to help Survey Operations manage all of their surveys and clients. This made it much easier for them in the long run, as if they ever got caught up in too much work, everything would be tracked.

Responsive web design

Due to their old website being built on Flash, we had to ensure the revamp was mobile and tablet responsive, maintaining all the information and details but with a new fresh look and feel.

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