Project Description

Client: Swift Lawyers

The Brief

Swift Lawyers are a professional team of conveyancing solicitors who provide UK clients with legal support and solutions. They have full experience in all aspects of legal compliance and claims processes. Swift Lawyers asked us to create a new responsive website for them, as they were looking to expand their reach online in the medium of a new website.


With a conveyancing solicitors company, it was vitally important there was a way for customers to actually get a quote. A contact us page would be ideal for non-related conveyancing queries, however, creating a dedicated quote page would help drive more potential clients.

As Swift Lawyers also wanted to recruit conveyancers, they needed somewhere to do so. An advertising page for joining the team was the best call to action. Including these features would help push visitors to the site, those being clients, people looking for a career in conveyancing, and others interested in this area.


For clients to get a quote, this involved setting up a quote page, with different conveyancing categories to choose from. There would also be a generic email submission form on the contact us page for other queries and non-residential conveyancing services.

On the quote page, the user can select specific settings related to their position, then the quote will be automatically generated and optionally sent to the user’s email. This helps makes the whole process much simpler for Swift Lawyers.

Responsive Web Design

Swift Lawyers’ new website is clean, fast to load, and has all the pages you would expect from a professional conveyancing solicitors company.

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