Project Description

Client: Tracks

The Brief

Tracks are probably the UK’s largest independent dealers in all Beatles memorabilia, but also trade in memorabilia from other Rock and Roll artists, including popular figures such as The Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin.

The main website was in need of an update, but due to the nature of the WordPress build, it was virtually impossible to update the site without breaking the entire design.  This was an opportunity to recreate the site in a way that was more to their liking, future-proof in terms of updates and included the functionality that they required.

The design style requested was quite simplistic, with a black and white colour theme to match the memorabilia they sell.


As Tracks is an E-Commerce site, it needed to be well optimised to account for all the images and information for the products.

Tracks also wanted the ability to easily add/remove products to their site, so we used WooCommerce which is considered one of the best WordPress plugins for large E-Commerce sites. It also allows the user to have product categories and filter or search for specific products.

Tracks also sell their products across E-bay, Amazon and some other 3rd party sites.  Due to the uniquness of memorabilia, the site needed the functionality to communicate with these platforms to update stock leves across each platform.  If an item sold on eBay, it shoud be removed from the website to prevent multiple sales of the same item.


Working with Tracks, we included all the necessary backend functionality for managing memorabilia. As they are constantly buying, selling and listing, it’s now much quicker for them to change on their new site.

As for the navigation, every category is accessible via the main menu or search feature, which makes it much easier for users to find exactly what they’re looking for.

The design of the site was very simplistic, being mostly plain colours. The home page was filtered in collage style, with their most popular categories featured. The website also included a free valuation form, so people visiting the site with their own memorabilia can get a quote to sell on Tracks.

the site also communicates with various other platforms that sell their products via a plugin using an API that updates every 30 minutes.  This also helps with listing products, as it is done in one location and sent across to all the other platforms, rather than having to list on the website and then eBay, then Amazon etc.

Tracks E-Commerce Web Design Portfolio

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