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Interact are dedicated to supporting the needs of local and nationwide businesses, clubs and individuals looking for affordable web design services and a website designer who can help them through every step of planning and creating a website.

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Expert Google Adwords Training

All our Adwords training is bespoke to you and your account. We will go through your account with you and make effective changes with you so that you can understand what, why and how these changes can and should be made.

Keyword Research

Learning how to find the keywords that people are searching for will help you discover new audiences to target. We can show you how to get the most clicks on your keywords for the cheapest possible bid price.

Campaign Types

There are many different campaign types used for different purposes. We can show you the differnces and help determine which campaign types will be most usefull for your purposes and how to create these campaigns.

Ad Creation

Creating different Ads for each Ad group allows you to test different word combinations. We can show you how to create multiple ads and see what statistics to look at to determine success (or failure!).

Integration & analysis

Adwords can be integrated with other platforms to track and analyse data. We can show you how to integrate these and help you go trough the reporting to determine which statistics prove most usefull.

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Google Adwords Group Training

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Interact have now expanded to offer tutor led, classroom based group training in Chorley, at the Strawberry Fields developemnt. Please take a look at our Digital Training Lancashire website for information on dates and prices of upcoming courses.

Google Adwords Course Programme:

PPC Adwords Overview

  • Learn how the Adwords auction algorithm works.
  • How Adwords and your website work together.
  • Understand bid types and the difference between manual and automatic bids.
  • Compare Google Adwords against other paid search providers.
  • Understand the differences between Search, Search partners and Display network.
  • Understand quality score and the components that effect it.

Setting Up Adwords

  • Creating an Adwords account and setting up your first campaign.
  • Setting up Ad groups and segementing keyword and ad groups
  • Creating ad’s and keyword lists.
  • Setting keyword bids to meet marketing targets.

Adwords Marketing Strategy

  • Setting your goals and targets.
  • Analysing your competition.
  • Setting budgets and target costs per acquisition.
  • Understanding your audience and who to target.
  • How to find the best keywords for your campaigns.
  • Setting up or optimising your website landing pages.

Optimising Existing Adwords Account

  • How to improve your quality score and ad rank.
  • Getting the most out of ad extensions.
  • A/B testing with ad variations.
  • Search reports and negative keyword lists
  • Keyword bid adjustments.
  • Landing page optimisation.
  • How to use Google Analytics and Webmaster tools to improve your Adwords account.
  • Analysis or implementation of conversion tracking
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