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Understand your website and how it is performing on Google. Monitor and resolve errors, as well as get helpful insights on what to improve on.

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Do you use Google search console to understand your website?  If not, don’t worry, you are not alone!  Many people haven’t heard of it and don’t understand what it can do, but marketeers use it daily!

Search Console (previously Webmaster Tools) is a fantastic tool that helps you understand how your website is performing on Google.  It helps you see the words and phrases that people are using to find your website, how popular each term is, how many clicks each term received and where the website is positioned on Google (on average over the selected time frame) for each different search term.

Monitor And
Resolve Errors

Find and fix technical errors on your website with Google Search Console.

Any 404 errors, indexing issues or broken links are first shown in Search Console, so you can fix them immediately on your site.

Resolve Errors Now

Understand How Google Sees Your Site

Search console helps you understand how Google and your site visitors describe and search for your site and services.

View Google Search traffic information and what queries are resulting in your website being shown to potential customers.

Optimise Your CTR

Troubleshoot Mobile Usability Issues

Receive reports on mobile usability to show which pages are having problems on phone or tablet devices.

Mobile is the number one source of website visits, so it’s vital to know what the issues are and how to fix them using report summaries.

Troubleshoot Issues

Why Should I Use
Search Console?

If you’re a business owner, site administrator, or anyone with a  website, Search Console is ideal for you.

If you don’t have time to manage Search Console, ask us to help! We can optimise your ranking, analyse your marketing decisions and follow trends.

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Whilst Google Analytics lets you see all the data from your website, it will only show you the data once people actually land on your website.  The beauty of Google Search Console is it can tell you a lot of information about the process BEFORE people have actually clicked onto your website.

  • Find keyword position, click amounts, impression amounts and click-through percentage
  • Discover new keywords that you can use in your marketing
  • Check backlinks – where and who.
  • Uncover mobile compatibility issues and indexing errors

There are many more features to Google Search Console to explore.  If you want to know more and find out why this is an essential part of the marketing mix.  Please get in touch underneath to talk to us about the Google Search Console.

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