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What Is SEO?

SEO (search engine optimisation) is the act of making your website easily accessible to find, read and understand by search engines such as Google. Whilst this may seem like common sense – and a lot of the techniques are – you would be surprised at how complicated and confusing some people and agencies make it out to be.

We work hard to produce measurable results that drive sales and enquiries, and not just visitor numbers. We understand that having an attractive website alone is of little use if potential customers cannot find you.

Google doesn’t understand pretty colours or pictures, what it does understand is the text that describes the products and services your business is offering.  With this in mind, we work with clients to modify the text content to read well and be easier to understand for both website visitors and search engines alike.

Getting this right will mean your website receives as many visitors as possible. Without it, your site will languish way down the search results and your enquiries and sales will suffer as a result.

Lancashire SEO Agency

Only offer your services in the local area?  There is no point in advertising throughout the UK if you only work in a 20-mile radius of your base. Increasing the prominence of your website in the local area will be much more beneficial, quicker and easier then going all out nationally!

The title above is an example of local Search optimisation.  Rather than just ‘local SEO’ or SEO agency (the meaning of local is different to everyone who reads it depending on where they live), it says ‘Lancashire SEO Agency’, helping the page appear for people searching for SEO services in the Lancashire area.

Using Google places (the map listings), as well as making your meta content all focussed around the local area will dramatically improve your results.

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We’ve been optimising websites since 1996

Search Engine Optimisation isn’t a new skill and our team have been making improvements to increase website visitor numbers for an awfully long time (before Google was a twinkle in Larry page and Sergey Brin’s eye).  Since 1996 in fact.

During this time we’ve improved the rankings of sites we have built, as well as those built by other agencies.

We can work with most website designs, if you already have a website, don’t be shy, we can still work with you.  Get in touch and discover how we can increase your visitor numbers in as little as three months.

SEO Training Anyone?

Looking to learn how to do SEO yourself? Our bespoke SEO training may be of interest!  We specialise in training individuals and companies on how to manage their websites and improve their SEO on an ongoing basis.

If this sounds good, find more information on the SEO training page by following the link underneath.

Check Out Our Examples

Take a look at some of the work increasing rankings for companies.  Some are in the past and some we are still working on!

SEO is a must-have for the long term success of your website.

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SEO Reviews

We perform FREE SEO checks to see how your website is performing on Google and other search engines to give you insight on how your site can be improved.

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Latest SEO Articles

Take a look at the latest SEO articles we have written.  We have a wide range of help guides, knowledge articles and latest updates around Google algorythms, on and off page SEO and other interesting pieces.

Have a look around and if there is anything that you want to know that we haven’t covered, just let us know!

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