Animation For Business Use

Text and images have always been the formats that people have used on their websites to promote their online presence and show people what they can do.  However, the use of video – animated video especially – is on the rise.

When you think of video animation, your first thought will most likely be a movie such as Toy Story.  But in reality, it is so much more than that.  For businesses especially, video animation can greatly improve your interaction rates and give your users the ability to understand everything visually.  Visual learners will benefit greatly from this, as it can really help them to grasp what your business is about.

Video animation as a whole can be a wide range of things, but we’ll focus on three of the main aspects here:

Motion Graphics
Explainer Videos
Character Animation

You can of course read more about what each of these is and does by clicking on the links, but this blog is focused on how these video animation types can impact your business.

Video animation services

Motion Graphics

Motion graphics is essentially just video animation, but using text or static images as the main component.  They usually have a set path to follow, whether that’s flying across the screen, popping up, or simply fading into view.  Motion graphics are normally used in promoting new products or services, as they generally look clean and understandable for the viewer.  Many brands such as Apple, Microsoft and Google utilise motion graphics, as it actually makes digesting lots of text possible in a quicker amount of time.

Take a look at the Apple iPhone X advert, which is a perfect example of great use of motion graphics.

As you can see, it has quick moving text, which is still easily readable. It manages to hook you in through simple visual effects and vibrant colours. This, combined with the motion graphics, makes for a fantastic and overall engaging video.

Motion graphic design creation

Explainer Videos

Explainer videos on the other hand are fairly different to motion graphics. They are more focused on bringing a large amount of information down to a short video. These types of videos are educational, usually with simple animations or images to keep the audience watching. It can be used to tell a story, give an inspirational quote, or even used as an interview style. Voice overs can also be implemented to sync with what is happening on-screen – captions alongside this also create a well-rounded video. With explainer videos, viewer retention is vital, so make sure the watcher doesn’t miss out on any important info.

For your business, you can use explainer videos on a product or service page, in case there is a large amount of text. As long as you believe in the product you’re trying to sell, an explainer video can go a long way, especially if it is featured near the top of pages. Remember, not everything has to be only on your website – experiment with posting snippets of the video across social media platforms and check the analytics!

Here is our explainer video, showing off the services we have to offer:

Character Animation For Video

Finally, character animation is what helps bring your business to life. Having a “mascot” or logo with a recognisable human/animal can be very beneficial to people recognising your brand. For example, Android has a robot-like green character, which many phone manufacturer companies have used before to give their product a friendlier look.

As for human mascots, a widely known example is Pringles. Although their logo has changed over the years, it still has that same recognisable face. Within each new product advertisement they put out, he is normally seen animated, which helps new viewers remember it better.

Here is an example of their recent advert, which has a short but effective animation at the end, to showcase their recognisable brand:

Character animation

At Interact, we focus on a cleaner, more aesthetic style of animation. 2D is our main point of focus – even if you don’t have a character logo, you can still have a mascot! If you’d like to see what else we can offer, please contact us here.

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