Understanding Your Website With WordPress Training

As the country comes closer and closer to leaving all lockdown restrictions and tiered areas behind us, the amount of time before we can gather in groups is smaller and smaller.

This is great news for us as we will once again be able to offer face-to-face WordPress training courses!

Group Training

We have been able to keep up the training during the restrictions of the last year, all be it over Zoom, which has been great, but nowhere near as good as meeting up in person and really getting to grips with the issues holding them back.

When doing training sessions to a large group over Zoom it is very difficult to gauge peoples level of understanding.  Often people will leave their camera off so there is no way of judging any body language to find out if what you are saying is hitting home.  In a group setting, if I see this in someone’s face or body language then I can adapt and re-explain my point in a (hopefully) clearer way.  Providing training without feedback can be difficult to improve on!

Training over Zoom

I have also found that over Zoom, people are less likely to put their hand up and ask a question.  These questions are usually a great way to offer an answer to a specific problem someone is having with their WordPress website.  Teaching a large group of WordPress users means that the best lesson is quite generic around WordPress in general.  This won’t go into any details about theme-specific issues, so each question someone would have is a chance to shed some light on an issue that is personally affecting them.

Before 2020 we were often hosting small groups in our offices for WordPress training on the companies specific WordPress website.  These training courses went down really well, with many people coming back for more training, or moving onto more advanced learning.  Obviously, when COVID came around, these meetups were dropped.  With many peoples businesses on the line, training on a website they potentially wouldn’t need again fell down the pecking order of priorities.

During the lockdown, we have been working with Chorley Council offering free Zoom training sessions to help businesses improve their WordPress website (and Google Adwords accounts).  These have been great and helped many people, but did suffer from the issues mentioned above.

1-2-1 WordPress Training Courses

As great as the group training courses are, the more bespoke WordPress training sessions are much more beneficial in my opinion.  WordPress in general does have a learning curve and simply learning about WordPress is a good place to start if you are planning or considering building your own website.

The bespoke training is aimed more at people who already have a WordPress website and spend many more hours on it than they should to do relatively simple things!  The majority of these problems arise from the theme choice.  A theme controls the design aspects of your website and each theme has a bunch of unique options.

What is possible during these bespoke training sessions is to get inside a particular website and help the website owner fully understand what the theme can do, what its limitations are, or how to efficiently complete those challenges that have been eating into the hours that would be much more beneficial doing almost anything else!

Common Problems

Do you want to know more about your WordPress website?  If you have questions or are growing ever more frustrated with any of these problems, then it may be time to give us a call! (01257 429 217).

  • How to create and add pages.
  • How to add blog posts.
  • How to add pages to the menus.
  • How to change fonts and text styles.
  • The demo had a bunch of options that you wanted, but now you just don’t know how to add them!
  • How to add additional functionality (plugins).
  • How to add contact forms or carousel banners to your website.

There are many more examples of frustrating changes people have with WordPress that can be taught easily, quickly and in plain English!  We pride ourselves on our training sessions so also offer six months of support on anything that we have trained you on, meaning that you have some professional support moving forwards.

Take a look at our article here detailing the 12 most common problems with WordPress

If you would like to book a bespoke WordPress training session please get in touch at your convenience and arrange a date and time with us.

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