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Many people believe that branding is all about what font or colours you use in your marketing, but the truth is that it is so much more complex than that.

Effective branding is about standing out from your competitors, by creating a strong and positive perception of your company and its products or services in the mind of your customers.

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Why Is Branding Important?

A strong brand breeds two very important things; familiarity and loyalty.


Customers are more likely to pick up a product that they already know. When they see the same logo, colours or font, they are more likely to buy that product because they are already familiar with it.  Your tone should also be unique to your brand.  Would your clients be able to read a passage from your website, and immediately be able to identify your business? Familiarity breeds trust, and people are much more likely to buy from someone they trust.


Brand loyalty is pretty easy to maintain once established. Providing that your product quality and level of service remain the same, customers shouldn't feel the need to check out the competition.

Key Branding Rules

The good news is that strong branding doesn’t have to cost the Earth. Just stick to a few key rules and you're good to go.

  1. Understand who your target audience is, and think of them when you're planning your branding.
  2. Be unique. It is easy to copy what others are doing, but you'll never be the market leader by copying the market leader.
  3. Know your competition.
  4. Have a clear message. Don't try and be all things to all people; make sure you can say one thing well.

How To Differentiate Yourself From The Competition

Companies can differentiate themselves from their competitors through their logo and design, but also through their tone of voice. This tone should be consistent throughout your website, customer service, emails, mission statement, and every other touchpoint in your business.

How To Use Tone To Connect With Prospective Customers.

There are three things to consider when you're thinking about what tone to use in your branding. These are persuasion, trust and emotion.

People tend to remember how they feel about brand or experience. If they don’t feel anything about your brand, it is unlikely to stick in their mind when they require your products or services.

Your tone should reflect the same values that your customers will appreciate, whether that is entertainment, reliability or any other quality.

Above all, it should be enjoyable to read, and encourage positive feelings, which will then become associated with your brand.

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